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Instagram giveaways: the key point to sell more

By Franca Beraldi · Oct 13, 2021

Instagram giveaways have become a must when thinking about a marketing strategy, as they allow you, among other things, to grow your audience, make yourself known in the market and increase the social engagement of your website.

You’ ve probably seen many posts from Instagram accounts where they offer prizes for participating in drawings. But how did this phenomenon come about? Basically, the value of this type of activity is given by the ease with which it can be carried out, the high capacity to reach a wide audience and the low cost involved. As you can see, there are many benefits of doing giveaways on this platform and that is why many marketers, influencers and companies are taking advantage of it.

AppSorteos offers you to run your online Instagram giveaway draw in a simple, fast and transparent way.

If you want to run a drawing for the first time, we will ask you to create an account and log in to use the application, there you will have access to all the AppSorteos tools available within our free subscription plan. Yes, you will be able to run your Instagram giveaways online and completely free of charge.

On the other hand, within our payment plans, there are many more options and fewer restrictions when carrying out your draws, which will help you to better plan your sales campaign.

How to pick my Instagram giveaway winner?

To get the winners of your giveaway, and deliver the prizes you have promised, you have different options:

  • Manually select a comment of your choice
  • Copy all the comments to an Excel file and choose the winner from there.
  • Use AppSorteos, the best Instagram giveaway app

There is no doubt that using an app for random, free and secure Instagram giveaways will make your job much easier, and the result will be totally transparent to your audience.

Get a winning comment from your Instagram posts in seconds. With AppSorteos you can make giveaways for Instagram in a very simple way, and it will serve you for both Images, Photos, Videos, Reels and Instagram TV (IgTV) posts.

Make your Instagram Giveaway step by step with AppSorteos

Once you have announced your sweepstakes and the day and time selected to randomly choose who will win the prize has arrived, you may wonder, and now, how do I run an Instagram giveaway? To do so, you must follow these simple steps:

  • Enter AppSorteos.
  • Within the apps, select the Instagram Giveaways tool
  • Accept the permissions indicated by Facebook to connect your business account.
  • Choose the Instagram post of the giveaway.
  • AppSorteos will find all the participating comments.
  • Choose the filters you want to apply. I want to learn more about the filters.
  • Do the DRAW!
  • Once the giveaway has taken place, verify that the winners meet the established requirements. If this is not the case, you will be able to replace the winner.
  • Generate the public certificate so that your followers can verify the results and the transparency of your drawing.
  • Always remember to promote your instagram giveaway in advance and share the result on your social media once the sweepstakes is over.

We recommend, if possible, to hold the giveaway live or record and publish it to guarantee the participants that they have indeed been chosen at random.

The benefits for your brand of using our Instagram giveaway generator are many and varied and are at your fingertips, discover them by clicking here.

To run a draw on our platform, you must have an Instagram business or creator account. This allows you to access data and statistics about your business that are not available on a personal profile. If you need help setting up your Instagram business account, click here.

And that’s it, don’t forget to mention and follow us on Instagram! We are @app_sorteos_ok

Franca Beraldi - Redactora de Contenidos SEO
Franca Beraldi

Franca is part of the AppSorteos marketing team. Her tasks include everything that is content-related in Spanish, English and Portuguese, including new blog posts, product demos and faqs.