Random Groups & Teams Generator

A random team generator that helps to produce random groups.

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Random Teams Generator

Random Team Generator or Random Group Generator is a free and online tool to split a list of names into random teams or groups by selecting the number of teams or the number of participants per team.

How this "Random Teams Generator" works

Random Team Generator is an online tool to generate random teams from a list of names by randomly assigning people to groups.

Start generating teams or groups by entering the list of names in the text field and clicking the "Generate teams" button. We are randomly creating equal groups from all the names that are entered in the tool. You can change the number of groups by selecting the option number of groups or number of participants per group.

This app for generate teams online will make your live easier, because you never have to generate teams manually anymore with post-its or excel. Just enter all names and we will do the hard work for you and let the team picker wheel decide the random teams.

How to generate teams and groups online?

You can generate random teams from a list of names with our free team generator following this super simple steps:

  1. Enter any title you want
  2. Enter your list of names in the textarea, each on a new line (pressing enter)
  3. Select if you want to generate teams by number of groups or number of participants per group
  4. Select the number of teams or participants per team
  5. Create random groups by clicking "Generate teams" button
  6. After random groups are created, you can choose to copy the teams or generate new teams

Why is useful this random team generator?

This teams geneator app is usefull for multiple scenarios, and will make your live easier!

  • Create groups for any (board) games
  • Create random sport teams, like random football teams or random hockey teams
  • For teachers to split classroom into multiple small groups
  • Randomly pair students