Heads or Tails

Flip a coin online with this virtual coin flipper, it's easy and free.

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Flip a Coin online

You've probably flipped a coin at some point in your life to make a big decision, or maybe you've just used it to decide small things in your daily life. Toss the coin online is a tool or app that allows you to flip a virtual coin in the air as if you were flipping a real coin. You can leave it up to chance to make decisions just by choosing which option will go for heads and which for tails. Now you know, if you want to flip a coin to decide something but you don't have any in your pockets, you can flip an online or virtual coin that is always available within the tools that we offer you from AppSorteos.

How does Toss a Coin works?

Using this app to flip a coin is very easy! All you have to do is choose which option will be defined as heads and which as tails. Once you have decided this, just click on the button and let luck decide.

  1. Choose which option will go for heads and which for tails
  2. Press the button to flip the coin (or touch the screen or press the spacebar).
  3. The screen will display which option (heads or tails) was the winner.

In which cases can I use Heads or Tails?

You can use this app to flip a coin on many occasions, here are some ideas:

  • You can use online coin tossing to decide who will do the household chores.
  • You can decide who goes first in a game by tossing a virtual coin.
  • Flip the coin can help you decide whether or not to buy that item you've been thinking

History of the Coin Toss

Coin flipping has been around for a long time. The custom of deciding between two options by tossing a coin dates back to the Roman Empire.

Earlier, the terms 'heads or tails' were used, referring to the images that appeared on ancient Roman silver coins. This peculiar way of deciding between two options began as a game for children and the Roman elite and it is rumoured that Julius Caesar settled certain legal disputes by flipping a coin.

In the Middle Ages, coin tossing was a children's game known as "heads and pile". What we now know as "heads" was the tails, and what we now call "tails" was the pile. Today we use the expression "heads or tails", where heads is a person's head and tails refers to the opposite side, not because there is a tail on it, but because it is the opposite of heads.

If you like this coin-tossing tool you can share it with your friends and, if you want, you can take a look at AppSorteos' Roll Dice or Spin the Wheel to let chance pick!