Secret Santa Generator

Organize your Secret Santa online. Send invites via email or Whatsapp (no email required)

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How does the online Secret Santa Generator work?

This app for organizing the Secret Santa draw is a free online tool to exchange gifts anonymously, based on a list of names or participants.

Our Secret Santa generator will automatically and randomly choose who each participant should give a gift to.

Choose the most convenient option to send invitations:

  1. Share the link in your WhatsApp group
  2. Send an email to each person
  3. Copy and paste the link wherever you prefer.

How to organize a Secret Santa:

  1. Enter the list of participants.
  2. Edit the message and set the gift conditions.
  3. Share a link via WhatsApp (easy) or send an email to each one.
  4. Have fun!

Secret Santa without email

If you don't want to use emails for your Secret Santa draw, we have the solution! You can share a link to your WhatsApp group or individually to each participant, and you're done!

To do a Secret Santa without email, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the participants
  2. Set the gift conditions
  3. Share the draw via WhatsApp with your group
  4. Each member should follow the link and select their name
  5. The name will be revealed to each one, along with the message and instructions
  6. That's it, you've created your Secret Santa draw online without emails!
Frequently Asked Questions

To organize a Secret Santa via Whatsapp, first enter the participants and then share the link provided by Rafflys with your Whatsapp group. Each participant should select their name from the list shared in the link. This way, they will have access to the name of the person they need to buy a gift for.

Rafflys offers you an unlimited number of times you can use our Secret Santa draw generator.

No, our tool for drawing Secret Santa is 100% free.

Rafflys - Secret Santa Generator. This is the simplest application to play virtual Secret Santa because you only need the names of the participants who are willing to play. You can do it via Whatsapp or automatically send emails.

With our app, you can play Secret Santa online without having an active account.

To play Secret Santa online, you need at least three (3) participants.

In Rafflys, you can draw your Secret Santa without using emails. Simply enter the names of the participants, share a link with your group, and you're done!

Of course, for that, you will need to use our random Roulette and enter the names of your list in the designated fields. However, we recommend conducting the Secret Santa draw through the tool created especially for this purpose, as it saves time and gives you more options when deciding how to send invitations.

Yes! Choose from the different available options which is most convenient to send invitations to your group. You can do it by sending a link via WhatsApp or any messaging app.

No, you can draw without emails. If you prefer to send invitations by email, then yes. The name of the person to give a gift to will be sent by email. Make sure all participants have an active email account or create one to play Secret Santa.