Secret Santa Generator

Organize a gift exchange from a list of names randomly, automatically, and for free.
Send invitations via email or WhatsApp (no email required).

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How does the "Online Secret Santa Name Generator" work?

This Secret Santa giveaway application is a free online tool for exchanging gifts anonymously from a list of names or participants.

Our Secret Santa maker will automatically and randomly select who each participant should give the gift to.

Just choose the most convenient option to send the invitations:

  • Send an email to each person.
  • Share the link in your WhatsApp group.
  • Copy and paste the link wherever you prefer.

Visit our complete guide to Secret Santa and solve all your doubts!

Video tutorial: How to organize a Secret Santa

How to organize a Secret Santa

  1. Enter the list of participants.
  2. Edit the message and establish the gift conditions.
  3. Share a link via WhatsApp (easy) or send an email to each one.
  4. Have fun!
See how it works

Secret Santa without email

If you don't want to use emails to create your Secret Santa draw, we have the solution!

Share a link with your WhatsApp group or individually with each participant, and you're done!

To organize a Secret Santa without email, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the list of participants.
  2. Set the gift conditions.
  3. Share the draw link on WhatsApp with your group.
  4. Each member should click the link and select their name.
  5. The name will be revealed to each one, along with the Secret Santa message and instructions.
  6. That's it, you've created your Secret Santa draw online and without emails!
Easy, fast and fun

Follow the steps and you'll have your Secret Santa giveaway in no time - it's very simple and super fun to create!

Free tool

Make the Secret Santa giveaway online unlimited times and always for free. Easy to use, two clicks and free, what more could you ask for?

Secret, but for real

We've improved our anti-cheating system! To make sure the Grinch doesn't ruin your Secret Santa giveaway, we've limited access to the results so that participants can only see them once.

No email

Having trouble collecting the emails of all the participants in your Secret Santa giveaway? Don't worry, you can send the giveaway link via WhatsApp or paste it into the channel of your choice.

Set the terms

Make the rules of participation clear in the Secret Santa invite message. Choose the amount of the gift, the day of the exchange, the location, and any rules you want to add!

Repeat or delete your list

Save time by using the same list of participants and requirements. Delete old Secret Santa giveaways and clear your dashboard for future giveaways.

Frequently Asked Questions

To organize a Secret Santa via WhatsApp, enter the names of the participants and then share the link provided by Rafflys with your WhatsApp group. Each member will have to select their name from the list shared in the link. In this way, they will have access to the name of the person to whom they should give the gift.

Rafflys offers an unlimited number of times you can use our Secret Santa randomizer.

No, our tool for drawing Secret Santa is 100% free.

Rafflys - Secret Santa. This is the easiest app to play Virtual Secret Santa because all you need is the names of the people you want to invite. You can do it through WhatsApp or send emails automatically.

With our app, you can play Secret Santa online without having an active account. However, in order to use the Repeat or Clear actions, you must have an account in our app.

To play Secret Santa online, you need at least three participants.

In order to guarantee the total secrecy of the Secret Santa Giveaway, we have strengthened the security system of our tool. When sending invitations via WhatsApp or by copying the giveaway link, participants will only be able to see the name of the person to give away once. When they do, a green checkmark will appear indicating that this person has already verified the result and knows who the gift is for. After that, they will not be able to check it again. This ensures that participants cannot spy on other participants results and ruin the giveaway.

Of course you can! We have added two new options, the ability to reuse the list and requirements from another Secret Santa giveaway and the ability to delete a list. This speeds up the upload process and clears your dashboard of lists you no longer need.

On Rafflys, you can do your Secret Santa draw without using emails. Simply enter the names of the participants, share the link with your group, and you're done!

Of course, for that, you will have to use our Random Wheel and enter the names of your list in the fields provided for that. However, we recommend doing the Secret Santa draw through the tool created especially for this purpose, as it saves you time and offers you more options when deciding how to send invitations.

Yes! Choose from the different options available which is the most convenient to send invitations to your group. You can do this by sending a link via WhatsApp or any messaging app.

It's not necessary, you can do the draw without emails. Choose the option to send it by WhatsApp and you won't have to worry about this. If you prefer to send invitations by email, make sure that all participants have an active email account or create one to be able to play Secret Santa.

You can use the online Secret Santa name picker in different situations:

  • Organize the draw at Christmas, New Year, Friend's Day, or any celebration where you want to exchange gifts.
  • Organize the Secret Santa draw at work or with family members.

  • Generates excitement by keeping secret who will be the recipient of each gift.
  • Simplifies the buying process by requiring only one gift per person, saving time and expenses.
  • Stimulates creativity by choosing more personalized and meaningful gifts for the recipient.
  • Promotes connection among participants by sharing the excitement of giving and receiving gifts.
  • Makes sure everyone gets a gift, even at large gatherings, and encourages everyone to participate.
  • Minimizes stress by simplifying the task of choosing and buying gifts.
  • Highlights the excitement of the surprise by keeping secret who the giver will be, adding an additional touch of mystery to the celebration.