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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this Instagram engagement calculator is totaly free.

An engagement rate calculator is a tool to calculate how engaged a users followers are on Instagram. The tool works by analyzing 12 or 18 of the users recent posts and adding their average likes and comments before dividing it by their follower count to calculate their engagement rate.

Engagement rate is calculated by using this formula:

Average Organic Engagement Rate (%) = Total Engagement / Total number of followers x 100.

You can apply the formula to a single post, or to view an overall average for any Profile

Yes, you can find the influencers with the best engagement rate and make sure your brand will have great visibility.

According to different studies carried out by marketing agencies, has revealed that analyzing 18 posts is sufficient to grasp the nature of Engagement Rate for most accounts of the Instagram accounts and profiles, ranging from those that post once a week to those that have multiple posts daily. If there are fewer than 18 posts, we will adjust the calculation accordingly.

A low engagement can mean many things, but typically, that their audience does not like the content that is being posted, Instagram's algorithm is not showing it to enough of their followers, or that most of the creator’s followers are bots or inactive accounts. Using Rafflys's free Instagram engagement rate calculator can give you insights into any Instagram accounts engagement and followers.