Spin the Wheel Popup for Wordpress with exit-intent

Spin a sale Wordpress plugin to engage your website visitors with discount prizes in cool Fortune Wheel™ popups.

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Spin the Wheel exit intent popup that integrates with any website

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Create spin-to-win WordPress popups that are proven to boost your conversion rate

Create prize wheel popups for Wordpress sites.

We've created the simplest Wordpress design tool for crafting Fortune Wheel™ popups. Just click and design an irresistible spinning wheel promotion your customers will love. It effectively reduces shopping cart abandonment.

Create prize wheel popups for Wordpress sites.
Build email lists of users spinning the wheel

Build email lists of users spinning the wheel

Whenever someone engages with our popups on your Wordpress store we will collect their email address, phone numbers or any other data you decide. They will win prizes, usually in a form of discounts, in exchange for sharing their personal data for marketing purposes.

Customize up to 30 slices

Want to hand out coupons, redirect to a prize page, or just display a text? You can define each slice, including winning chances and the quantity of each prize!

Customize up to 30 slices
Powerful form builder

Powerful form builder

Need more data than an email address? Build your own opt-in forms and ask as many data as you need. Use text fields, dropdown boxes, and make your forms GDPR-proof with mandatory checkboxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform offers a user-friendly visual builder that allows you to easily customize the design and appearance of your Spin the Wheel app.

Sure! you can customize it in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Yes, you can add your own branding and logo to your Spin the Wheel app to maintain consistency with your brand identity.

You can offer a wide variety of prizes on your Spin the Wheel app, including discounts, coupons, free shipping, and exclusive content.

Yes, you can set the probability of winning for each prize on your Spin the Wheel app to control the odds and level of difficulty.

You can embed your Spin the Wheel app onto your website or blog by copying and pasting a simple code snippet into your website's HTML code.

Rafflys offers in-depth data and analytics, such as participant count, page views, number of winners, spin frequency, and prize distribution, enabling you to fine-tune your promotional strategy for optimal results.

Rafflys offers various pricing plans with different participant and page views limits, allowing you to select the plan that best fits your needs. see the full pricing list here: Rafflys Plans & Pricing

Yes, our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any issues or questions you may have, and can be reached via email / support tickets