Youtube Comment Picker

Pick random comments from Youtube videos with this Youtube Giveaway picker.

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How to create Youtube Giveaways?

Creating raffles from Youtube comments is very simple and fast. Just follow these steps to choose a winner among the comments of your Youtube video.

What are the advantages of doing a giveaway on YouTube?

Drawing on Youtube allows you to get more subscribers to your videos in a quick and easy way and also, the more comments your posts have, the more popular your channel will be. This generates, for your channel, an active and loyal community.

Step by step for using the Youtube comment picker

  1. Enter the URL of your YouTube video in the appropriate place. The AppSorteos team will search for all the comments on your publication.
  2. Enter the number of winners you want to get and apply the filters you need (optional).
  3. When you have everything ready, hit the Start button.
  4. You will see on the screen a public certificate with the result of your draw on YouTube so that you can share it on your social networks. In addition, your followers will be able to verify the authenticity of the giveaway.

What is Youtube Random Comment picker?

Youtube Random Comment Picker is a simple and free tool to easily pick a winner from Youtube comments. Use our tool for youtube giveaways, sweepstakes, promotions and contests.

As you can see, doing giveaways on YouTube is very simple and practical, so are you ready to see your YouTube channel grow?

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