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Create a giveaway and pick random comments from a YouTube video, Short or Live stream.

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How to run a YouTube giveaway?

With our online app for YouTube giveaways you will get a winning comment on your YouTube videos in a quick and easy way. With this app you can:

  • Create giveaways with comments from a YouTube video.
  • Pick a winning comment from YouTube Shorts.
  • Make a giveaway with the messages from the chat of a YouTube Live.

Check out the complete guide to YouTube giveaways to solve specific queries.

Video tutorial: How to run a YouTube Giveaway

Pick the winning comments from your YouTube video

  1. Enter the video URL.
  2. Enter the number of winners.
  3. Apply the filters.
  4. Run the giveaway and share the results!
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What are the benefits of doing a giveaway on YouTube?

YouTube giveaways have a huge impact on the growth of your channel.

You will be able to increase your subscriber list easily and quickly. In addition, if your posts are flooded with comments, your popularity will grow and an active and loyal community will be generated on your channel.

Simple and Fast

Run your YouTube giveaway in minutes! Just copy and paste the link to your video.

Choose the dynamic

Select if you want to run your giveaway with comments from a YouTube video, Short, or Live.

Filters with a single click

Apply filters to select users who have met all the conditions to participate.

Combined giveaways

YouTube giveaways are available on our Multi-network Giveaways tool. Gather comments from different social media platforms into one big giveaway!

Transparency certificate

Provide peace of mind to your audience by sharing the authenticity certificate for each giveaway. Credibility is everything!

Brand identity

Add your brand colors and logo to customize your giveaways and make them 100% identifiable.

How to run a YouTube Live Giveaway?

Giveaways during a YouTube Live stream have never been easier! Create a giveaway among the participants in your YouTube Live chat and reward your audience.

From the moment you paste the URL of your Live stream, comments will be automatically loaded. Once you click the continue button, comments added afterwards will not be considered for the giveaway.

Run a giveaway of your YouTube Live stream

  1. Start your Live stream on YouTube.
  2. Paste the URL of the YouTube Live stream.
  3. Load the chat messages.
  4. Apply the filters.
  5. Do the giveaway and share the results!
See how it works
Video tutorial: How to run a YouTube Live Giveaway
Frequently Asked Questions

Rafflys allows you to run an unlimited number of giveaways on YouTube.

Our YouTube giveaway app is available within our Free plan. You can do a giveaway on YouTube for free as long as you dont exceed the number of comments allowed for the free plan. Check out our subscription plans if you have questions.

Yes, to run a giveaway on YouTube you must have an active account on our platform. Create an account or sign in in less than 5 minutes!

The URL is the link to the YouTube video. To copy it, paste it and start your giveaway, you must enter the YouTube video, click on share and copy it directly from there. If you need more details, check out our article on how to copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video.

Yes, Rafflys offers you the possibility to randomly select a winning comment from your YouTube Shorts, as well as from a live and a published video.

No, it is not possible to run a subscriber giveaway.

To randomly pick winners on your YouTube Live, you must follow the steps explained above.

Yes, you can run a multi-network giveaway and include comments from your YouTube video and those from other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X or TikTok. Remember that this is an option available in some of our subscription plans.

Yes, at the end of each YouTube comment giveaway a public certificate is generated with the result. You will be able to share it on your social networks and your followers will be able to verify its authenticity.