Multi-Network Giveaway Picker

Pick winning comments randomly by combining posts from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, YouTube and TikTok at the same time.

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How to run a Multi-Network Giveaway?

With our online Multi-Network Giveaway application, you can create a single giveaway by adding comments from your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, YouTube and TikTok accounts. Collect comments and entries across all social networks and select random winners and alternates in a quick and easy way.

Read the complete guide to Multi-Network giveaways to answer specific questions.

Video tutorial: How to run a Multi-Network Giveaway

Create your Multi-Network Giveaway

  1. Connect the participating social networks.
  2. Add up to 10 posts to your giveaway.
  3. Apply the filters.
  4. Run the giveaway and share the results!
See how it works

What are the benefits of a Multi-Network giveaway?

Combined social media giveaways allow you to get multiple benefits related to the growth of your business:

  • Run mega giveaways that engage your entire social media community.
  • Increase brand visibility and reach a wider target audience.
  • Get more complete information about your campaigns by collecting metrics from your entire community, not just one social network.
Fast and easy

Create your Multi-Network giveaway in minutes! Simply select the social networks that will participate in the giveaway and connect with them.

Life is multiplatform

Run your giveaway on the social network where your customers are! You can combine Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter/X comments.

Filters with a single click

Apply filters to select users who have met all the conditions to participate.

Add up to 10 posts!

Add the comments of up to 10 posts from the social networks of your choice.

Isn't it great?

Transparency certificate

Provide peace of mind to your audience by sharing the authenticity certificate for each giveaway.

Credibility is everything!

Brand identity

Add your brand colors and logo to customize your giveaways and make them 100% identifiable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rafflys allows you to create an unlimited number of Multi-Network giveaways as long as you have a Creator or Agency plan.

Our Multi-Network Giveaway app is only available within our Creator and Agency plans. Check out our subscription plans if you have any questions.

Yes, in order to run a Multi-Network giveaway, you must have an active account on our platform. Create an account or sign in, its 100% free!

Of course you can, all you have to do is select both social networks and the posts you want to include in the giveaway.

The social networks you can use for a Multi-Network giveaway are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter/X and TikTok. Soon, LinkedIn will also be available for a combined giveaway.

Of course you can! You can apply the same filters as you would for a single social network giveaway. In your Multi-Network giveaway, you can exclude users, specify the number of mentions and specific #hashtags.

Yes, at the end of each Multi-Network Giveaway, a public certificate is generated with the result. You can share it on your social networks and your followers will be able to verify its authenticity.

Yes, with the Multi platform giveaway picker you can select up to 10 posts from different social networks or even 10 different posts or videos from the same social network.