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How and why to run a Multi-network Giveaway

By Franca Beraldi · Feb 23, 2024

Before I explain how to create a multi-network giveaway, let me ask you a question: How many different social networks does your business have an account on? If your answer is “more than one”, then this post will interest you!

This article explains the importance of engaging your entire audience with a giveaway, regardless of the social network they use. It also provides a simple solution for doing so with Rafflys, requiring only a few clicks.

Benefits of running a Multi-Network Giveaway

Multi-network giveaways are today an effective solution when it comes to involving different users in the promotion of your business. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this type of contest:

  • All your networks in one place: If you want to do a giveaway with your entire audience, why choose only one social network and leave others out? With Rafflys, you can bring together all your followers from your different networks and celebrate with them with a promotion that encompasses them all, beyond the confines of a single platform!
  • More people, more visibility: When more people comment on your publication, your business has more presence on the Internet and more reach to other people who may not know you. The more platforms, the more opportunities to engage your audience and keep them excited.
  • Make it viral: With a multi-network giveaway, you increase the chances that your campaign will be shared and go viral, making your brand the talk of the town (or the Internet)!
  • Metrics that matter: Get a complete view of your campaign’s performance by collecting data from multiple sources. Make smarter decisions for future marketing strategies.
  • Conquer Everyone: Each social network targets a well-defined audience, so users looking for something specific on Facebook know they won’t find it on YouTube. By using a variety of social media networks, you can reach a wide range of demographics and make sure that no one is left out of the fun!

A multi-network giveaway offers your brand the opportunity to expand its reach, diversify its audience, increase engagement and gain more comprehensive metrics, all by leveraging a presence on multiple social platforms simultaneously.

Complete guide to running a Multi-Network giveaway with Rafflys

Well, now you know that the Multi-Network Giveaway is an excellent opportunity for your business to involve your entire audience in the giveaways and promotions that your brand is celebrating. Let’s see how you can do it with Rafflys. First, let me tell you that this type of giveaway can only be done if you have a Creator or Agency payment plan. These plans offer more functionality and features of our tools.

Ok, let’s go through the steps to create your first multi-network giveaway:

Step 1: Login to Rafflys and click on Multi-Network Giveaway

Login to your account on our website, if you don’t have an active account, create one and run your giveaways and promotions together with our team.

Once inside, go to the Rafflys Tools section and select the Multi-Network Giveaway.

In the list of Rafflys tools choose the multi-network giveaway.
Within your Rafflys account, select the “Multi-Network Giveaway” option.

Step 2: Select the social networks you want to use for the multi-network giveaway

When you enter the multi-network giveaway, you will see the social networks you can use for your mega giveaway. Choose the number of platforms you want (and from which you have already published the giveaway post and have comments to be drawn).

Choose the social networks of your multi-network giveaway
Select the social networks with which you want to run the giveaway and connect with each of them.

Step 3: Choose the posts where your giveaway is promoted

For Facebook, Instagram and Twitter/X, you must associate your account. This can be configured beforehand or you can do it before the giveaway. Once the posts you have published in your account appear, you must select the one corresponding to the giveaway.

For YouTube, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL corresponding to the giveaway video where the participants’ comments are located.

Once you have selected all the posts, click “Continue”.

Select the posts where your giveaway is promoted and click "continue".
Once you have chosen the posts that will participate in the giveaway, click “Continue”.

Step 4: Apply Filters

Select the filters you need to speed up the process of selecting the winner of your multi-network giveaway. We offer several options to save you time and randomly select the comment that meets all the requirements. You can also choose the colors that represent your brand and upload your company logo.

Multi-net giveaway options and filters
Select the most appropriate filters for your multi-network giveaway in the Options section.

Step 5: Click Start

If you have already decided which filters to apply and have everything configured, click START! to initiate the giveaway.

Step 6: Choose your winning comment!

What a thrill! Your multi-net giveaway is about to end…. and it all happened so fast! With the push of a button, you’ll have the winners and alternates (if any) ready to post.

Remember, if you have made sharing in stories or liking the post a requirement, you will have to check it manually as the application does not check this data automatically.

Step 7: Let your audience know who gets the prize

I always recommend not leaving this step unfinished. Everything in life has an end and you have to respect that. So, if your giveaway was successful, complete the process by letting your audience know the results. This will add credibility to your brand and encourage those who were not lucky to continue participating.

Don’t waste hours trying to run an old-fashioned multi-network giveaway! By creating your promotions with Rafflys, you gain transparency, time and loyal followers for your brand.

In this video you can follow the above step by step, don’t miss it!

Haven't set up your multi-network giveaway yet? Do it now!I want to create my multi-net giveaway!

What should I consider when running a Multi-Network Giveaway?

  • Plan your strategy: Your giveaway must be tied to your marketing strategy, i.e., you must decide what you are doing it for, when you should do it, and what audience you are targeting. Research your audience’s behavior. If you want to promote a product related to a certain date, plan in advance which days the giveaway will take place, who are the possible participants, what is your brand’s goal (gain more followers, promote an article, build customer loyalty, etc.) and plan your giveaway accordingly.
  • Select the right social networks: Find out which are the preferred social networks of your audience and prepare the combined giveaway of the followers. Look at the engagement of your previous posts and choose the networks that had more movement.
  • Select the right social networks: Find out which social networks your audience prefers and prepare the combined follower giveaway. Look at the engagement of your previous posts and choose the networks that had more movement.
  • Set up the rules and conditions: Clarity must always be present in the three stages of your giveaway: the organization and promotion, the giveaway itself, and the notification of winners and delivery of the prize. Include all this information in a legal document that participants can consult if they wish.
  • Choose a prize that will appeal to your audience: You probably already know what prizes your audience prefers. If not, you can find out through a questionnaire and give away what the majority chooses. If your prize is an item and/or service from your brand, even better!
  • Don’t forget to spread the word: without proper communication, no one (or very few people) will know about your promotion. Since this is a multi-network giveaway, you can announce it on all of your company’s social networks (whether they participate in the giveaway or not). Take advantage of all your channels so that no one forgets to participate.

Get inspired by these real examples of Multi-Network Giveaways

Below are three examples of real and well-made Multi-Network Giveaways. You can take them as a reference when it comes to comply with all the above mentioned tips.

The first one is from Chase Cokaliong’s account. He organized a super multi-network giveaway combining his Instagram and Facebook accounts. Check out how he found a way to drive traffic to his YouTube channel by explaining the dynamics of the giveaway in a video. He also promotes his giveaway on other channels that are not participating in the giveaway – Way to go Santa Chase!

Multi-net giveaway on Instagram
Multi-net giveaway on Facebook

The second example I want to show you is the Welch’s Fruit Snacks account. They organized a multi-network contest that combined their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Notice that while the message about how to enter is very clear, they also share the legal terms of the giveaway for people who need more information. In addition, their post is very eye-catching and fits with their overall brand message. Congratulations on this cool promotion!

Multi-net giveaway on Instagram
Multi-net giveaway on Facebook

The third and last of our fantastic examples is the Sunny D UK account. The terms are clear and concise, making it very easy to enter the giveaway. Notice that they mention as a condition of participation to post a certain #hashtag. Then, when you run the draw, you can configure it in the options section so that only the comments that meet this condition are uploaded.

Multi-net giveaway on Instagram
Multi-net giveaway on Facebook

7 Mistakes to avoid in your Multi-Network Giveaway

A multi-network giveaway involves several actions. Fortunately, the most tedious ones are taken care of by Rafflys. However, other tasks still depend on you or your team, and to make sure you get them right, we show you some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Your message lacks consistency: Every post in the multi-net giveaway must convey the same core message, including the mechanics of the promotion, prizes, duration, terms and conditions, and any other relevant details. This is critical to avoid confusion among participants. To do this, I recommend reusing the same post and simply changing the rules for participation (the terms and conditions for participating in a Twitter/X giveaway are not the same as the rules on Instagram).
  2. You’re not following the platforms’ rules: Each social network has its own guidelines and rules for giveaways. Ignoring them can lead to disqualification of the giveaway or even penalties for the brand. Be sure to read each social network’s rules carefully before organizing your giveaway.
  3. Unclear terms and conditions: Lack of clear terms and conditions can lead to misunderstandings and disputes with participants. It is important to establish transparent rules from the beginning. You can use our Legal Terms Generator to create your terms and conditions and specify what the user must do to participate in each social network.
  4. You don’t deliver on promises to your audience: If the brand promises prizes or benefits in the giveaway, it is critical to deliver on those commitments. Failure to do so can damage the brand’s reputation and trust.
  5. You don’t plan logistics: Poorly planned logistics can lead to problems delivering prizes, verifying participants, or tracking compliance with giveaway rules. Use our filters to optimize the selection process according to the requirements you asked your audience to participate (a specific @mention, a #hashtag, a minimum number of mentions, etc.).
  6. You are not effectively promoting your giveaway: Lack of proper communication can lead to low participation in your promotion. Use participating social networks as well as other channels your business has that are not participating in the giveaway. (Blog or WhatsApp communities, for example).
  7. Fail to evaluate and learn from the experience: After the giveaway, it’s important to conduct a thorough evaluation to identify areas for improvement and learn from the experience. Ignoring this step can lead to making the same mistakes in future giveaways. You can measure which social network had more engagement or how to combine your giveaways with other promotions (Wheels, Trivia) to make them more effective.

By following the recommendations and avoiding the most common mistakes, Rafflys will help you turn your multi-network giveaway into an incredible experience for you and your audience, directly impacting your brand’s growth.

Haven't set up your multi-network giveaway yet? Do it now!I want to create my multi-net giveaway!

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