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How to filter comments on my Instagram Giveaway?

By Franca Beraldi · Sep 24, 2021

Comment filters are extremely important tools when it comes to carrying out giveaways on your social media, since they allow you to specify the conditions that the user must fulfill in order to participate and win the long-awaited prize.

In this article we explain how to apply these filters so that the winner of your giveaway on Instagram meets all the requirements requested and takes the prize with all the law.

Why is it necessary to apply filters?

If the participants of your giveaway are really interested in winning the prize you have promised, be sure that they will make the effort to fulfill all the requirements you propose. In this way, both the drawing and the prize become more relevant.

Applying the necessary filters will rank your giveaway on Instagram, build customer loyalty, promote your account and allow you to reach more people.

What types of filters can I apply?

In AppSorteos you can apply different filters in your Instagram giveaways depending on the requirements you have previously established. To choose the winners, you can apply all filters, some or none if you wish.

By default, all filters are disabled, and 1 winner and 1 substitute will be chosen. Please note that some filters or options are available only in paid plans. In the upper right corner you will find a brief explanation of all available filters and options.

Instagram giveaway filters set by default.
Choose from the available filters which ones are suitable for your giveaway and tell your followers what conditions they must fulfill to participate.

So that there is no doubt when you need to filter comments, here is a brief description of each one of them:

1. Filter Duplicate Users

This filter is applied when you want all participants to have the same chances of winning without taking into account the number of times they have commented on your publication. In other words, if a participant makes more than one comment, it will only be taken into account once for the giveaway.

2. Minimum of Mentions

This filter is applied when, in the giveaway conditions, you request that two friends, or three Instagram contacts, etc. are mentioned. The filter allows a maximum of 5 mentions, i.e. you can ask your followers to mention up to 5 users. Only people who have met this requirement will be able to participate in your giveaway.

3. Filter users by #Hashtag

You apply this filter when you have set the condition for your giveaway participants to place a #hashtag in their comment. Therefore the giveaway will only be carried out among the people who have fulfilled this requirement.

4. Filter by @Mention

If as a requirement for your giveaway you have requested to quote a special @mention (e.g. a specific account), you can, with this filter, exclude all participants who have not fulfilled this condition.

5. Bonus & Extra Chances

This filter is a very useful tool that will allow you to add extra participants to the giveaway manually. This can help you to overcome the limitation we explained below about sharing the giveaway in stories. If any person meets a requirement that AppSorteos cannot validate, you can add them manually in this filter. You don’t need to add the Instagram user, you can add the name or an email, anything that allows you to identify the giveaway winner in case he/she is selected.

6. Exclude Participants

With this filter you can exclude participants from the list of comments. You just need to copy the Instagram user of the people to ignore and they will automatically stop appearing in the giveaway list.

Filter Limitations

  • Share the giveaway in STORIES: These are those giveaways where it is requested to share the giveaway in Stories in order to get a double chance to win. As AppSorteos cannot access the participants’ Stories (nor any other Instagram giveaway application), it is NOT POSSIBLE to take this bonus into account. This is just a way to promote the draw among the participants’ contacts, but it does not generate higher chances of winning the draw. Anyway, you can overcome this difficulty by applying the Bonus & Chances Extra filter and manually add participants as explained above.
  • Like the post: If the account that organizes the giveaway indicates that, as a requirement, the participant must indicate that he/she likes this or that publication, this cannot be taken as a filter to discard or admit a participant. In other words, AppSorteos cannot verify if this requirement is fulfilled. Once the winner is chosen by chance, the account organizing the drawing must manually verify if this requirement is met and, if it is not, it can re-draw or replace the winner explaining the reasons.
  • Follow an Account: In these cases the same thing happens as in the “like the post” option. This requirement cannot be verified by AppSorteos, so the organizing account must check it manually once the winner has been chosen.

Knowing how to apply filters for Instagram giveaways is key to optimizing and saving time, as they corroborate and sift through a lot of information that you would otherwise have to manually select. They also hierarchize your giveaway and, consequently, your account.

AppSorteos allows you to apply the filters you need in a super easy and intuitive way, so you can enjoy more of that important moment for your brand.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

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