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Generate a sequence of random numbers with this Number Generator online and free

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How does the Random Number Generator work?

The Random Number Generator, or pick a random number app is a free online tool that will allow you to obtain a series of random numbers starting from a minimum and maximum number of possible numbers

This app to draw numbers will make your life easier, because you will never again have to decide manually, with post-its or excel files. Just enter the data and we'll do the work for you, letting chance pick the numbers 100% randomly, just like a draw by comments in any other social network.

How to generate Random Numbers:

  1. Enter the min value.
  2. Enter the max value.
  3. Enter how many numbers you want to get
  4. Check if you want unique numbers
  5. Generate random numbers and share the result!
Frequently Asked Questions

AppSorteos offers you an unlimited number of times in which you can choose your random numbers.

Our random number generator is 100% free.

You can use our random number picker online without having an active account. But, once you get the numbers, if you want to share the results, you'll need to login or register.

The main difference is that, if you make the raffle with our application, you won't have to write formulas nor have knowledge about calculation templates. In addition, it is an online tool, so you will not need to download anything to your devices. This allows you to have more time to deal with other activities with the certainty that the process is carried out automatically, with total transparency and randomly.

From Rafflys we offer you the possibility of selecting more than one random number and choosing the option of unique numbers, that is, if you want those numbers are repeated or not. In addition, when choosing the winning numbers, the countdown is shown with an animation that gives the draw a festive setting.

Of course! If your desire is to obtain random numbers with the dynamics of roulette, you should select the "Random Roulette" tool from our panel of applications and design it to your liking.

Yes, if you check the “Unique numbers” option you will be preventing duplicate or repeated numbers from being selected, that is, you will be filtering duplicate numbers

If your wish is to obtain a random number between 1 and 2, you can do it through our random number generator. In any case, if you have to choose between two options, we recommend flip a virtual coin, as it provides a more appropriate dynamic for these circumstances.

Our application allows you to obtain integer numbers, that is, without decimals.

You can use our random number selector to create raffles, for board games, to obtain numbers for raffles or lotteries or any activity that requires a selection of random numbers.

Yes, when clicking on save results after the random selection of numbers, a link is generated that saves all the information of the draw. You can share this link on your social networks and on your website.