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How to turn your personal Instagram profile into a business account

By Franca Beraldi · Jul 19, 2022

When it comes to advertise your brand and make more people know about your services or products, a business account on Instagram will give you many more benefits than a personal profile. These advantages are also reflected when doing a giveaway, where you can access more options by configuring your account as a company.

How do I know if my Instagram profile is personal or business?

If you want to know if your Instagram account is Personal or Professional, you must follow these steps:

1) Open Instagram on your cell phone

2) Log in with your username and password.

3) Go to “Edit profile”.

Personal profile capture with option to switch to professional account.
Click on Switch to professional account to convert your personal profile to a business account.

If among the options you see “Switch to professional account“, you have a Personal account.

If your profile is already configured as a Business account, you will see its data on the screen.

Guide to change my personal profile into a business profile

Before starting

  • Make sure you want or need to convert your personal profile into a business profile. In other words, the business account created must be to sell products or services. If the objective is something else, it will be useless to have a business account.
  • Have a Facebook page ready, you will need it to transform your personal profile into a business profile.

Step by step to transform your personal account into a business profile

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Once there, click on Settings.
Profile screenshot to change personal account to business profile.
Click Settings in your Instagram profile to initiate the switch from personal to business account.

3. Under Settings, click on Account

Under Settings, click on Account.
  1. Under Account, scroll to one of the last options: Switch to professional account.
  2. Once there, follow the instructions to generate the account.
Account screenshot to change from personal account to business profile.
Under Account, click on Switch to professional account.

That’s it, your business account is ready to use all the AppSorteos tools!

What are the benefits of converting my personal Instagram profile into a business account?

Changing your personal profile to a business account will bring you multiple benefits:

  • Your giveaway comments will load faster, speeding up the process.
  • You can run a drawing by adding up all the comments from different Instagram posts.
  • You have access to statistics related to your content, your audience and the reach of your posts.
  • You can add a contact (email and/or phone number) where your followers can contact you or the company.
  • It allows you to carry out advertising campaigns within Instagram.
  • You can add a store and sell directly from the social network.

Please note that you can return to your personal profile if you decide to do so, just go to your account settings and follow the same steps indicated for the creation of your company account.

If you have any questions, please contact the AppSorteos team by clicking here.

Franca Beraldi - Redactora de Contenidos SEO
Franca Beraldi

Franca is part of the AppSorteos marketing team. Her tasks include everything that is content-related in Spanish, English and Portuguese, including new blog posts, product demos and faqs.