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How to pick a random winner on TikTok, the ultimate guide

By Franca Beraldi · Jan 9, 2023

Nothing more trendy than TikTok. Posts from this platform are everywhere. Hundreds of original TikTok posts published on Instagram and other social media. The secret lies in the fact that this app allows you to plan your digital marketing strategy through the creation of very creative short videos and thus, increase your sales.

Do you really want to miss the opportunity to advertise your brand here and promote it with an amazing giveaway? From AppSorteos we think you shouldn’t.

To help you get started, we bring you the possibility of creating a giveaway in TikTok and pick random winners for free with maximum security, transparency and fun, the main feature of this social network.

If you want to increase your TikTok followers and interact with more people, you should consider doing a giveaway. This type of strategy opens the door to a new audience and builds engagement with the people who already follow you.

How to do a TikTok giveaway? Solve it with this guide

If you have any doubts about how to run your first TikTok giveaway, follow the step-by-step guide to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Step 1: Log in to AppSorteos and click on the tool to create TikTok Giveaways.

Log in to your account, then go to applications and click on our TikTok comment picker.

Select the TikTok giveaway tool.
Within the applications, select the TikTok giveaway app from the list.

Step 2: Copy your video URL and paste it in the box provided and click START.

The URL is the video’s web link and you will find it in your TikTok account. In order to extract all the comments, you will have to copy the url and paste it in the indicated place. If you got this far, click on the start button.

Copy and paste the url of the TikTok video to start the giveaway.
Copy the url of your TikTok video and paste it in the box provided.

Step 3: Upload comments from TikTok

Once you have pasted the corresponding link, you will see a thumbnail of the video where you will make your giveaway. If everything is correct, click on UPLOAD COMMENTS. If you made a mistake and need to go back, just click BACK.

Step 4: Apply filters

Filters help you simplify the giveaway process. By applying them, only comments that have met the conditions indicated at the beginning will participate. You can filter for duplicates, by #hashtag or by specific mentions.

Please note that some options can only be applied within our payment plans.

Choose one or more filters in the Settings section.
In the Settings section, select the most appropriate filters for your TikTok giveaway.

When you have finished applying the filters, press the CONFIRM button.

Step 5: Click Start

Comments uploaded: done! Filters applied: done! You are just one step away from starting your TikTok giveaway, click on the START button to pick a winner.

Step 6: You have your winning comment! Check that everything is ok

Does the winner meet the requirements you set when promoting your giveaway? Make sure so, because if this is not fulfilled and you do not check it, your followers, and especially those who complied with everything, will look down on the choice of the winner.

As it happens in other social media giveaways (Instagram, YouTube and Facebook), we cannot automatically check if certain conditions are met, such as liking the video. If you set that requirement, you will have to check it manually.

Step 7: Announce the result of your giveaway

Communicating the result of your giveaway not only generates a great joy in the winners, but also allows you to close the cycle of this process and leave the door open for promotions to come. This keeps your audience alert to the next actions of your business. It also serves to build credibility and record that there has been a winner.

Some accounts request that whoever has won the prize, make a post to confirm the delivery of the prize. You can contact the winner and suggest (never oblige) that they share a photo or video with the prize and tag you.

As you can see, running TikTok giveaways with our tool is very easy. In addition to transparency and simplicity, you save a lot of time by automating all those steps that, traditionally, were done manually.

Try AppSorteos! Create your first TikTok giveaway.Go to the giveaway

Ways to announce the winners in my TikTok giveaway

In our app, as soon as you have the names of the winners ready, three ways to announce the result of your TikTok giveaway will appear.

  • Click on the button and post the comment: you will see that we have written one especially for the occasion. Copy and paste it on the social network of your choice (or all of them) or on your website.
  • Download the certificate and publish it: You can share the image with the names and photos of your winners or a video of the giveaway and the random selection of the comments.
  • Share the certificate of validity: we provide you a link with all the details of the giveaway, you can copy and paste it wherever you want.

At AppSorteos we support creativity… if you want to design your own ad, we share with you, in detail, the best ways to communicate your winners.

Tips to make your TikTok giveaway more engaging

  • Define your goals: When it comes to running a giveaway, it has to be related to your marketing strategy, that is, you must decide what you are doing it for, when you should do it and to which audience it will be directed. If you want to promote a product that is related to a particular date, plan in advance on which days the giveaway will take place, who would be the possible participants, what is the goal of your brand (get more followers, advertise an item, build customer loyalty, etc.) and, based on that, schedule your giveaway.
  • Design the video of your giveaway: To promote your giveaway, you must create a video of less than three minutes where you explain, in a clear way, three concepts:
    • What is drawn, i.e. the prize of your giveaway.
    • When is the giveaway and at what time.
    • What are the conditions to participate.

Then, in the description of your video you can add, ‘for example, how the product will be shipped, or through which platform the giveaway will be done, etc.

  • Choose the draw date and do not change it: The time to participate must be around 20 days. You can specify the day and time in the video itself. Always meet the established dates.
  • Communicate the requirements to participate: The people who participate in your giveaway must know, clearly, what they have to do. It is your responsibility, as the organizing brand, to communicate them well.
  • Plan your giveaway well: As we always say, each giveaway has 3 parts:
    • The organization and diffusion: Here you decide the rules, the times, the prize, etc. and you spread the word, through all your networks and channels, of the giveaway you are going to carry out.
    • The process of the giveaway itself: Those minutes before the appointed time and its execution, until you pick a winner. 
    • The communication of the results and the delivery of the prize: The end of the giveaway with the corresponding announcement of winners and alternates.

All the steps are important and must be carried out seriously. Otherwise, you run the risk of your TikTok profile, and consequently your business, getting a bad image.

What are the dynamics available for TikTok giveaways?

From AppSorteos we offer you many ways to choose randomly the giveaway winners, all of them have their peculiarity and you can combine them to stimulate your audience.

  • TikTok comment picker: This is the basic option since, in AppSorteos, we draw from comments. You can add (or not) the other options explained below. In this example, any comment made by the user will participate. We recommend that, if your followers have to comment, they should do it with something useful for you, such as a @mention, or a #hashtag, or a particular answer you need. 
  • Giveaway with specific @mentions: Ask users to mention a specific account in order to enter the giveaway. This will drive more traffic and, perhaps, new followers to that TikTok account.
  • Giveaway with a minimum of @mentions: You can tell your followers to tag other people to enter the giveaway. The most common is 3 mentions, but AppSorteos gives you the option to mention up to 5 profiles in each comment, so count how many new people will come to your account!
  • Giveaway with #hashtag: What’s the point of asking participants to post a certain #hashtag? If you ask your followers to do this, rest assured that you will promote your account, products, or services you want. You just have to create an original #hashtag that refers to what you want to highlight.
  • Multi-Network Giveaway: Draw, jointly, all the comments from all your social networks. You will be able to raffle YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter comments simultaneously and at the same time. Encourage TikTok users to follow you on your other networks and increase your brand’s presence.

Giveaways on TikTok that steal the show

Use these wonderful examples to encourage you to make your first giveaway on TikTok, hopefully they will help inspire you!

The first one we show you is the one from Goodies account, where in the warm giveaway video, they describe the conditions to participate.

Video where the TikTok giveaway is announced.
Run a TikTok giveaway for special dates. Goodies does it for the holidays.

Notice that the whole publication is in line with the brand identity and what they want to communicate.

The other success story we bring you is that of Itsjustinesy account, which has proposed to run a giveaway in an original and fun way.

Video where the TikTok giveaway is announced.
Make your TikTok giveaway fun, this will attract more people to participate.

The winner will be able to choose between different mystery boxes, without knowing what the prize consists of. This is a way to make your promotion more creative and eye-catching.

What are the NO’s when doing a giveaway on TikTok?

While experience is key when running giveaways on TikTok, here are some mistakes you can (and should) avoid if you are starting out with this type of promotion.

  • DON’T lose sight of your goal: The giveaway is part of a strategy, don’t forget this. It is very comforting to give something away to people who trust your business and follow you, but your giveaway (and all your promotions), must give you something in return. Think about what you want to improve your business, if you want to increase your followers, if you want to generate more engagement, or if your goal is to boost the sale of a product or service. Based on this, decide on the steps to follow.
  • DO NOT announce it too early or too late: By implementing this strategy, you will avoid, on the one hand, that your giveaway loses strength and people forget that they participated and, on the other hand, you will ensure that your followers have enough time to participate. We recommend a maximum of 20 days of promotion and announcement of your giveaway on TikTok.
  • DO NOT set conditions that are too complicated or unclear: Ask for easy-to-follow conditions to enter the giveaway. For example, you can ask them to mention their friends, or to comment with a special #hashtag. Remember to clearly specify the conditions and please keep them short!
  • Don’t save on communication: Announce and communicate your giveaway on all the channels your business has. If you have an account on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, spread it there. The same if you write a blog or newsletter. If you promote your giveaway, it will have much more reach to different people.
  • Don’t skip stages: Don’t underestimate any stage of your giveaway and put equal effort into each of them. Your giveaway will lose credibility if, for example, you don’t announce the winner. Nor will it be transparent if you don’t run the raffle through an application that backs up and authenticates the process.
  • DO NOT choose the prize lightly: Your prize should be related to your business, this reinforces your brand identity. Also, it is better to do different giveaways with not so expensive prizes, than to do just one with a prize that is difficult to afford.

To finish this tutorial on giveaways in TikTok, we will sum up the most important concepts:

  1. Apply the steps in this guide to gain security and not waste time in the process.
  2. Plan and design the three parts of your giveaway: Do this always keeping in mind your business goals.
  3. Choose the giveaway mode that best suits your plans and don’t ask too many requirements from your followers.
  4. Follow our tips and don’t make the most frequent mistakes.

Check out our subscription plans and remember that you can try the totally free option if your giveaway has less than 600 comments.

That’s all! Do your giveaways and improve your sales strategy, AppSorteos is with you!

Try AppSorteos! Create your first TikTok giveaway.Go to the giveaway

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