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Our new and improved online quiz is now available!

By Franca Beraldi · Oct 11, 2023

The world of online quizzes has never been the same! We have improved our online quiz tool for you to use in your business. Thanks to the addition of the registration form to participate, you will be able to capture leads and boost your conversions.

Create questions and answers related to your brand or a specific topic and reward your audience for their knowledge!

What is Trivia or Quiz?

Rafflys online Trivia or Quiz is a tool that allows you to create questions and answers to be answered in your business, classroom or anywhere. In our application you will find:

  • Multiple choice trivia: Allows you to choose up to 4 possible answers.
  • True or false quizzes: Create your quiz with a true/false format. It can be true or false, yes or no, or any duo of opposite words.
  • Questionnaire: Ask your audience, students or clients questions with no right answer.

What are the reasons for creating a quiz for my business?

A quiz is for much more than just testing your students. If you use it in your business, it can help you in several aspects related to your brand. Here is a list of some of the benefits you can get by creating your own online quizzes.

Generate quality leads

Attract the audience most likely to buy your products or services with an online questionnaire. By asking about specific interests or topics, you can find out what they want and offer it to them later.

Use the form to collect data from your leads and use it in your marketing campaigns.

Filter and convert leads into qualified customers by asking questions relevant to your sales process.

Engage and retain your customers

Designed to match your brand, but still be interesting to your audience, this type of interactive content encourages people to participate and connect with your business. It is not only important to attract your customers, but also to keep them coming back to your site.

Personalize every experience and gather feedback from your customers.

Every customer has a specific idea of what they want from your company. If you know what they want, you can give them a personalized experience tailored to their needs. With our questionnaires, you can learn about your audience’s tastes and needs and convert more.

Increase your brand’s visibility and traffic to your website

The online trivia created on our website allows you to:

  • Reach people in a fun way and promote your business by including logos, images, and links to your website.
  • Interact with your audience and ask them open-ended questions to get to know them better and find out what they want or need from your brand.
  • Offering a discount for participating in the quiz will drive traffic to your website. You can also encourage your digital audience to come into your physical store to redeem the prizes they won by taking the quiz.

Use our quizzes for educational purposes

A quiz allows you to assess your students or employees in a fun and easy way. Get statistics on questions and answers and set pass rates.
Save time, effort and resources with our online trivia quiz designed specifically for educators.

Quick step-by-step guide to creating your quizzes

In this post I explain well how to create your online quiz, but if you need a simple tutorial to set up your first quiz, here it goes:

1. Create Your Questions and Answers

Select the quiz type and create your questions and answers.

Select the type of trivia.
Choose the quiz dynamic that best suits your goals.

2. Configure the winning profiles and the design of your Quiz

Once you have created your questions and answers, it is time to personalize your quiz. Add the colors, logo, and customize the text to match your brand.

Design your Trivia pages.
Design your trivia to grab the attention of your audience and represent another element of your business.

Then, if you choose multiple choice or yes/no answers, configure the quiz pass percentage, the time limit for answering, and how all aspects of your quiz will look.

3. Share your Trivia and analyze the results

In your quiz dashboard, you will see a list of users who took the quiz, the percentage scored by each, and all the data collected from the form.

You can also see which answer was selected the most. For example, if you ask your audience about a particular topic, you can visualize what they identify with the most or what their preferences are, so that you can design a sales strategy targeted to that particular audience.

How to use a Trivia in your business?

1. Get to know your customers

Trivia allows you to obtain very important data when it comes to defining your audience and building customer loyalty.

As consumers, we want to feel listened to and taken care of by the brand we choose. As a business, you need to know what your customers’ interests, desires and fantasies are in relation to your brand, product or service. It is useless to offer them something they do not need.

A questionnaire (with no right answers) will help you understand your audience and optimize your marketing strategy. Give them what they want from your brand and watch your conversions and sales increase.

Configuring the quizzing questionnaire.
Ask your audience what they think about some aspect of your brand. This will help you get to know your customers better, give them what they want, and make them feel a part of your business.

2. Reward your most loyal customers

Your most loyal customers know a lot about your brand, your products, and everything you have to offer. Reward their connection to your business with discounts or gifts, and encourage others to become your featured fans.

Interactive promotions create a domino effect where interested people want to learn more about your business, have a chance to feel special and win something.

Thank your audience for participating.
Reward the knowledge of your loyal customers with a quiz and get others interested in your brand.

3. Promote products or services

Trivia can also be used to announce launches, new products, updates or promotions.

You can create quizzes with different categories and promote your products and services on special dates. Give away discounts on your services or samples of your new products to people who participate or answer a certain number of questions.

4. Make yourself known

Quizzes are a fun and friendly way to get the word out about your business. Ask your audience questions about various aspects of your brand and reward their knowledge. People who don’t get it right will at least have learned something about your business, will recognize you, and will keep you in mind for a future purchase.

Creating a quiz with Rafflys is fun and easy! And it’s a great way to build customer loyalty and profile your ideal audience.

Let us know what you think of our new tool, we’re listening!

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