Instagram Contests (Giveaways) with multiple Posts & Accounts

Cobranding giveaways are becoming more common on Instagram, or in collaboration with influencers and other profiles. That's why in AppSorteos we have will show you how to get winners from multiple Instagram posts, from one or more different accounts.

Create giveaway on Instagram with multiple posts

By unlocking a sweepstakes with multiple Instagram accounts, you can make a unique giveaway including comments from multiple Instagram posts.

You cannot get winners from individual publications

Here we leave you some simple steps to start your raffle.

  1. Go to Instagram Giveaways free app.
  2. Enter the photo URL from your Instagram account
  3. Click on the (+ plus) icon to add more posts
  4. We will find all the comments for you
  5. Run!
  6. Share the CODE on your social networks
  7. Follow and Mention us on your Stories @app_sorteos_ok (Optional)

Instagram Lucky Draws

Getlucky draw winners from your Instagram posts, videos, igTV posts with our instagram giveaway picker for free up to 1000 comments. AppSorteos is the 1º APP to create Instagram Raffles, Contests and Giveaways.