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Classic Random Wheel: How to create it, uses and examples to show it off

By Franca Beraldi · Nov 9, 2022

For sure, you know our Random Roulette, since it has become a classic when it comes to choosing randomly between different situations, participants or anything that comes to your mind.

If you have never been lucky enough to pick an option by spinning the wheel, don’t worry! Here we show you how to create it, what mistakes to avoid and what uses you can make of it.

Use the customized Random Wheel Spinner to choose, in a fun way, the answer to any question. It is very easy to use and set up, and it is totally free.

What is Classic Random Wheel?

The Spinner Wheel is an online tool that allows you to select at random among several options, which you set up before. You will see on the screen, in colors, how the different entries appear as you create them.

What is Classic Random Wheel?
The Free Spinner Wheel is a tool for randomly selecting among multiple options.

Step by step to create a Random Wheel

Although setting up classic wheels with our application is very easy, we have prepared this guide for you. It will help you move forward with all the security of not making a mistake. Here we go!

Step 1: Enter AppSorteos and click on Random Wheel.

To start creating the spin wheel, you must have an account in AppSorteos, if not, create one, it only takes two minutes!

If you are already an AppSorteos user, log in to your account and, in the applications tab, click on Random Wheel.

Select the "Wheel Decide" option.
Within your AppSorteos account, select the “Wheel Decide” option.

Step 2: Choose Classic Wheel

By default, when you enter Random Wheel, you have already selected Classic Wheel, but make sure you are in the indicated box.

The other option we offer you is the new Prize Wheel, a fantastic tool to complement your promotions, very easy to use and create.

Choose the Classic Wheel to start.
Classic Wheel is the type of roulette that allows you to pick randomly between different options.

Step 3: Create and design your Spinner Wheel

Step 3.1: Select the options!

In the Options tab, choose whether to add a title, a description or if you want sounds in the wheel. But let’s take it step by step:

  • Title: Decide if you place a title or not. If you choose to title your roulette, pick one that describes what are you drawing.
  • Description: Here you can also select to place a description or not. The description is useful to give a frame to the wheel.
  • Spin button: This is optional. If you do not include it, the wheel will rotate by clicking on it or pressing the space bar. You can change the text if you prefer a different word.
  • Play sounds: Click on this item if you prefer your roulette to make noise when spinning and choosing the winning entry.
  • Throw Confetti: Apply this option to celebrate with confetti once you choose the winning answer.
  • Remove Winners: Discard entries that have already won so they will not be selected again.
  • Spin Duration: Decide how many seconds your wheel will spin until it picks an option.
Classic Wheel options list.
Here we see the list of options displayed. Select the ones you want to appear in your wheel and edit the texts and the duration of the spin, if you prefer.

Step 3.2: The design phase

This is where you bring your creativity into play, let’s see what you can do in this segment:

  • Logo: In this section, upload a photo of your logo or company. This will add identity to the roulette, relating it directly to your brand.
  • Background image: You can upload a photo of your business, or of the products or services you are giving away. It can also be of a topic related to giveaways in general.
  • Text color: Pick a color that stands out and is legible.
  • Background Color: Instead of an image for the background, choose a specific color related to your brand design.
  • Edit Advanced Settings:
    • Slices Color: You can select a certain tone for the entries (options) of your random color wheel.
    • Wheel color: Decorate the frame with a color of your choice.
    • Wheel text: Choose the color of the fonts on the roulette.
    • Pointer color: Select the color of your wheel pointer.
    • Line Size: You can decide for a thin or thicker line.
Choose the design of the wheel.
Make any modifications you want to your Roulette with our random wheel generator, so it can have a unique design.

Step 3.3: Create the Entries

When you finalize the design of this spinning wheel, it is time to take an important step. You must generate the list of names that will give rise to each of the entries of your roulette. Important does not mean difficult. Look, on the contrary, how simple it is:

  1. You write down each entry on one line.
  2. You can sort in alphabetical order from top to bottom and the other way around.
  3. You also have the option to shuffle the entries.
  4. And also, if you like to rewrite your entries, you can clear (delete) the list you have written. The list will then be blank again.
Create your wheel entries.
Insert all your entries in our random wheel picker to start the game.

Very simple! Once you complete this step, click on SAVE. Here you will need to choose the name of your new Classic Random Wheel.

Step 4: Start the game/giveaway!

All set? Click on the start button. You will see this spinner wheel in a new window. Notice that at the bottom left you have different icons, these are the options you can make use of:

  • The first one is to see the roulette in full screen.
  • The trophy icon is to show a list of the options already drawn.
  • The third one is to reset your random picker wheel and go back to the beginning, that is, before the first spin.
  • The fourth icon is to activate or deactivate the sounds.
  • The icon represented by an X is to exit the giveaway and go back to the design and creation of your wheel.
Start the giveaway with your wheel.
Spin the wheel and get your answers. Click on the icons below to set different options or go back.

That’s it! You already have your spinner wheel working, isn’t it wonderful? Now you need to draw all the prizes or end the game when there are no more options or participants left.

Uses of the classic wheel online

Have you already planned how you are going to use your first roulette? Here we tell you some of its uses so that you can understand in which situations to use it.

1) Use it to make daily life decisions.

  • You can organize a dinner party with your friends and, to bring more fun to the choice of food, make it with a cool wheel like this one:
Example of classic wheel for food selection.
Choose your dinner meal with your own roulette.
  • Let chance, through the wheel spinner of our app, decide where to organize next vacation.
  • Select the name of the new pet from a list of pre-selected ones.

2) Use it to run a digital giveaway live or at your store.

If you run an e-commerce, website or sell on social media, do giveaways among a list of customers (name wheel). Interact with people and draw products in a live giveaway, for example:

  • Pick a random winner among the followers who have completed a challenge: For this you must create an online roulette with the names of those people and spin it.
  • In your store, to the 100th customer, you give the opportunity to spin the wheel and win a prize. For this, you will need to load the entries with the gifts you have selected. Keep a tablet or phone at hand where you can visualize the roulette.

3) Spin the wheel among your students.

  • Design a random wheel of names and pick which of the students has to do an exercise, or who has to answer a question.
  • Create a roulette of exercises or questions to see what task falls to each person.
  • Choose how the characters will be distributed in a play or set up teams to practice a sport.
Example of a wheel for teachers.
Design a wheel to get a random participant in your class.

4) Use this spinner roulette in your work

You and your co-workers can decide in what order to discuss the different updates by spinning the wheel. Select the person in charge of bringing coffee or what topic to cover in a meeting.

Tips for creating cool digital wheels

All spinner wheels have a lot to do with our imagination and design skills. Anyway, here are some tips to make your roulettes stand out and achieve their purpose with style.

  • Take the time to design it. A roulette is an excellent opportunity to raise your brand’s visibility. Pay special attention to details, such as colors and background image. If you manage a company or business, your logo must appear.
  • Share your spinner wheel picker on social networks and explain how to take part. It is always important to promote your roulette extensively. Do it on social media or on the website’s blog. The idea is to reach many people so that they know your brand.
  • Take into account the number of entries. A wheel with too many entries is not pleasing to the eye. Nor does it make it clear to the participants where they or the prizes are located. It is also not favorable to have few entries, since it loses dynamism. Ideally, you should configure your spinner wheel with at least 10 options and less than 30 at most.
  • Consider giving away merchandising products of your brand through a wheel. For people, there is nothing more rewarding than receiving a gift. And for your brand, if it is a product that advertises your business, it is an excellent strategy to put into practice. The wheel is a fun and simple way to reward the customers with this type of giveaways.

Examples of online wheels created by real users

These wheels stand out due to their design and the creativity put into the choice of entries. Check them out to get inspired!

The first is a spinner wheel online to practice past perfect verbs. You can’t see it in the screenshot, but this teacher placed a video of zombies in the background to make it more fun. I already felt like playing this game, don’t you?

The second one is a wheel for younger children. There, pastel colors predominate and the teacher has put fewer entries so it’s not confusing.

Have you already thought about the topic of your next Random Classic Wheel? If so, here are all the clues to make it a success!

We advise you to try and create a Prize Wheel, as this tool will help you to complement your promotions and optimize your digital marketing strategy. We developed a complete guide that will show you how to set it up.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions we can support you with, enjoy your day!

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