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Attention! We are launching the new Prize Wheel!

By Franca Beraldi · Nov 3, 2022

If you are one of those people who use our Classic Spin Wheel to decide in all kinds of situations, be sure that this new feature we have just launched, will work wonders for you.

On the other hand, if you haven’t used our Lucky Wheel yet, you can use our Random Wheel or the new Gift Wheel (or both, of course). This depends on the type of promotion you want to apply.

Cheer your audience to take part, have fun and win prizes with our new online spinner wheel. You can design it to your liking, define the odds of winning for each option and customize it with your brand logo.

Try the new Wheel of Prizes! Create a Wheel

What is the Prize Wheel?

Form Wheel is a tool that allows you to deliver prizes or gifts among participants, who will try their luck by spinning it. People who wish to enter this promotion must register with a simple form. Then, they will have the chance to spin the wheel and win the prize.

Using the Wheel for prizes is very simple. Once you have selected this feature, a list of options will appear on the left side of your screen so that you can start designing and setting up the roulette according to your preferences. Write the prizes to give away and save it. When you complete this step, you will access the advanced functions. There, you can finish creating and bringing your wheel to life.

Example of a prize wheel.
In the advanced options, design your Wheel of prizes and create fantastic promotions.

If you don’t know how to use and create a Prize Wheel, this complete guide will help you to clear all your doubts.

What are the differences between Classic Spin Wheel and Prize Wheel?

The main difference between these two wheels is the way of use.

  • In Classic Roulette, you are the one who spins the wheel. First of all, you choose what the options will be (they can be names, numbers, places, or whatever comes to your mind). Then you spin to see which one goes to this or that player.
  • In Roulette with Registration, who spins the wheel is the person who registers. In this case, you, as the organizer, choose what the prizes will be and each participant will spin it after completing the form.

Also, the Prize wheel spinner. offers you more features. One of them is to get data from your customers, to carry out e-mail campaigns. You can also keep statistics on how many people have participated, the number of visits, who has won each prize, etc.

Below is a table to show you, in a more graphic way, the differences between the two wheels.

Table of the differences between Classic Wheel and Roulette with Registration.

What to use each Wheel for?

You can use our spinning wheels in an endless number of cases, here we leave you some ideas.

Classic Random Wheel Uses

  • If you teach in a school you can choose, in a fun way, which topic to present or choose random names with this system.
  • Spin the wheel to select the destination city for your next trip.
  • You can create teams for projects at work.
  • Make day-to-day decisions in an original way using only chance.
Example of the use of classic Random Wheel.
Example of the App-Sorteos decision wheel for choosing dinner.

The Random Wheel is very easy to create, this step-by-step we have created will help you in the process.

Uses of Prize Wheels

This type of wheel allows you to approach your digital marketing strategy from another place, asking users to fill out a form to take part.

  • Share the Spinning Prize Wheel link on your social media and run promotions for special dates.
  • Create different wheels for each audience segment and make marketing campaigns more effective.
  • Place the wheel on your website or e-commerce so that your customers can register and participate. This feature will be ready soon, so don’t panic!

What are the benefits of creating your own Prize Wheel Online?

Making your own wheels with a form has many advantages, we summarize them in the list below:

  • Design it the way you want. You can choose from many options when creating your wheel. Pick the colors, patterns, write the texts and place an eye-catching title.
  • Customize the wheel with your business logo. Include your brand logo in the center of the roulette. Place your company name as the main header – don’t miss out on this great advertising opportunity!
  • You have full control of the odds. Choose at what percentage or how many times each option on the wheel can be selected. You can also add the no prize option and configure the probabilities as well.
  • You get customer data for future promotions. By requesting the e-mail address, you can set up a customer database. Send emails for sales discounts, news or any other information of interest.
  • Keep track of the results of each wheel. Get data about how many visits your wheel has had and how many people have signed up to take part. You can also know how many times it has been spun and what prizes have already been awarded. In this way, you will be able to keep track of how your promotion is developing.
  • Wide diffusion of your promotions. Through the link we provide you, you can spread your wheel through the channel you prefer. Do it from social networks, or by email or place it directly on your website.

Real Wheel of Prizes

Here we bring you an example of a Roulettes for Giveaways that we thought is great:

Example of Color Prize Wheel.
Plan Scan’s Spinning Prize Wheel is designed with their brand colors and they place an appropriate number of entries, so as not to make participants confused.

Check out the Wheel with Register that Plan Scan account has created:

  • They raffle discounts, sales and specific items.
  • There are even surprise prizes to generate curiosity in their users.
  • They use the logo above the title and use colors according to their brand.

Well done!

Try the new Wheel of Prizes! Create a Wheel

Ok, now you know what our Giveaway Wheel is all about and the uses for it! Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your brand and capture leads with this fun proposal.

If you have any questions, please contact our team, we will be happy to help you.

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