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5 Reasons why you should promote your brand with a Halloween Prize Wheel

By Franca Beraldi · Sep 20, 2023

October is coming and, with it, the possibility of increasing your sales with a date that never goes unnoticed.

And for that, the Halloween Prize Wheel is an excellent idea to promote your products, services and, for sure, your brand.

Besides being a fun option for your audience, this type of promotion brings with it many other reasons that make it a great tool for your business.

So, prepare yourself a coffee and keep reading, this is going to interest you.

Why do a Prize Wheel to celebrate Halloween?

For a date as commercial as this one, it is crucial that you define in advance what your sales strategy will be, in order to get the most out of it. Here are the reasons why the Prize Wheel is a promising option for your business.

1) Bring in more potential customers with a Halloween Prize Wheel

It’s very unusual (and difficult) for your customers to come out of nowhere. For your business to grow, you must attract their attention, pamper them and offer real solutions to their problems.

The Prize Wheel is an effective tool to stand out from the crowd of businesses offering the same thing. The chance to win something is a powerful incentive that draws people to participate in your promotion and get to know your brand.

Halloween Wheel
Encourage people to participate in your Halloween wheel and get to know your brand with an eye-catching design.

Design your Prize Wheel with a picture that represents Halloween, include your logo and describe what your customers have to do to participate.

2) Collect data of interest from your audience.

This point is essential to be clear about. If your objective is to collect your customer’s data for future promotions by email, text messages, etc., you must choose the possibility of requesting this data from your customers. And that is done with the form. There you can choose whether to ask them for their phone number, their email, or any other means of contact.

Then, on your dashboard, you will be able to check how many people participated in the promotion, who won and what data you collected.

Customer information collected through the prize wheel
Collect your customers’ data and keep it handy on your dashboard. You can then export it to a spreadsheet with the click of a button.

3) Associate the joy of winning and the fun of participating with your business.

With Rafflys you have the possibility of designing the Prize Wheel to go hand in hand with your brand identity. With this, every time your customer spins the wheel, they will see your company’s logo, colors and typography, and will associate those rewarding emotions with your business.

Prize wheel design tab.
Customize your Halloween Wheel to reflect your brand identity. Add your logo, colors, or an image of your products or services.

Give your community the opportunity to participate in something fun that will allow them to win a prize and build loyalty with a wheel.

4) Adjust the prizes of the Halloween Wheel to your possibilities.

The Rafflys Prize Wheel allows you to configure all the aspects related to your prizes.

Settings of the wheel prizes.
You can choose the odds of being selected for each prize using sums, percentages, or both.

Define how likely a prize is to be selected and how many prizes you have to distribute, so that, once all prizes are drawn, they will not be selected again.

5) Promote your products or services

The Prize Wheel allows you to highlight and promote specific products or services. For example, you can offer discounts or free samples as prizes, which can help raise awareness of your brand and your offerings.

Halloween is approaching stealthily, do you want to do your promotion? Yes, I want to create my own wheel!

Examples of Halloween Prize Wheels

You may find these wheels, designed specifically for Halloween, useful when creating your first prize wheel.

Example of Halloween Prize Wheel
Add your brand colors to the Halloween wheel.
Example of Halloween Prize Wheel
Customize the wheel to your liking and configure the prizes with their odds of being selected.
Example of Halloween Prize Wheel
Let your audience know that your wheel is for Halloween by using images that allude to the date.

Designing and configuring the Rafflys Wheel is very easy! If you have any doubts, this complete guide can help you set up yours faster.

So, if you want to set up your own prize wheel, Halloween is a great option because of its commercial power.

Don’t delay any longer, log in to your account, click on the Prize Wheel (to capture leads), create it in a few minutes and share it with your customers.

Halloween is approaching stealthily, do you want to do your promotion? Yes, I want to create my own wheel!

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