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Create a giveaway for Women’s Day and commemorate it with your clients.

By Franca Beraldi · Feb 14, 2023

International Women’s Day will be commemorated on March 8. This date is celebrated worldwide and is crucial to rethink the fundamental role of women in society.

In recent times, the way of commemorating this day has been changing thanks to awareness, information and communication in relation to the struggle and the vindication of women. For this reason, March 8, rather than being an occasion to party, is a time to celebrate the achievements and promote the struggle for the remaining goals.

If your business seeks to reward or encourage this type of action, you can include a promotion for this day.

At AppSorteos we have a great variety of options for you to celebrate and commemorate this date with a Women’s Day Giveaway.

Options and tools to create your Women’s Day Giveaway

If you are thinking of gifting one of your products or services, or giving an experience specially designed to celebrate Women’s Day, we offer 6 options for you to choose the most appropriate for your brand and audience.

Women’s Day Wheel to generate leads

Women's Day Wheel.
The wheel giveaways are a fun and dynamic way to run your promotions.

There is something about wheels: you see them and immediately want to participate. Maybe it is because of their fun proposal, or because of the instantaneity, or because they involve very little effort on the part of the consumers.

On the other hand, for you who organize the giveaway, the wheel to capture leads allows you to obtain data from your customers (email or phone number, for example) for future email marketing campaigns or social networks.

So, it generates benefits for both you and your audience. Have you ever tried a prize wheel?

International Women’s Day Giveaway on Instagram

Instagram is the platform by excellence for this type of promotions, which is why it ranks number 1 among giveaways on social networks.

Reaching a wide audience, the possibility of uploading photos with the prizes to be raffled and the ability to store a large number of comments, make this social media a favorite among brands and businesses.

For this special date, promotions abound on Instagram, so you should create your Woman’s Day Giveaway post in such a way that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to do a giveaway on this important day!

Women's day giveaway on Instagram.
Make it clear that this is a giveaway, so the post doesn’t go unnoticed.

In this case, the accounts pepita and CareShareBooks and readers.welcome are running a cobranding giveaway. Here, the two accounts team up to reach a wider audience.

Notice that the post has a very eye-catching design and in its design they specify the giveaway closing date. In addition, they posted a photo of the book that will be raffled (which, by the way, is perfectly related to Women’s Day).

International Women’s Day Quizzes

If you want to go even further, you can provide information about the day and award prizes to customers who know the most about it. An International Women’s Day trivia quiz is a fun way to raise awareness. You can even award prizes for participation and interest in this commemorative day. Get inspired with this International Women’s Day quiz!

International Women's Day Trivia
Reward knowledge about this commemorative day with an International Women’s Day quiz.

I want to design my Women's Day giveaway.Create Giveaway

Women’s Day giveaway on Facebook

Maybe your audience is more predominant on this social network and you decide to do a giveaway for International Women’s Day on Facebook.

If it’s your first time doing this type of promotion and you need a step-by-step tutorial to gain confidence, this guide for Facebook Giveaways will get you out of trouble.

International Women's Day giveaway on Facebook

In the Women’s Day giveaway post on the TaoTronics account, a photo of the prize to be given away is shown and the conditions to participate are briefly explained.

Women’s Day Giveaway on Twitter

Twitter is a very dynamic social network that manages its specific audience. If you have your fans on this platform, a very good idea is to reward them with a giveaway this March 8.

In AppSorteos you have two ways to raffle your prizes, by retweeting or by followers. Choose the dynamic that best suits the interests of your business.

If you want to reward followers who have always been with you, choose this option. If, on the other hand, you want a wide diffusion and to get new followers, the alternative of giveaways by retweets is the most appropriate.

Giveaway on TikTok for Women’s Day

This fun social network is the one that has grown the most in recent times. Make a video that engages and does not go unnoticed and you will see how people interact instantly.

Tips to make your Women’s Day giveaway a success

  • Do the giveaway with respect: International Women’s Day is a day of struggle and vindication, so respect must be the guide in the promotion of your giveaway.
  • Specify the terms and conditions: Clear giveaways save you a headache. Tell your followers what they have to do to win the prize. Clarity and brevity of rules are always welcome. Customize the terms and conditions of your promotions to fit your business!
  • Do a multi-network giveaway: Say happy international women’s day to your customers this March 8 with a giveaway that allows you to participate from different social networks. This way they will have the chance to enter the giveaway from Instagram and Facebook, for example. Combine your social media and make your giveaways the way you want!
  • Indicate who won the giveaway: This is very important when it comes to giving credibility to your brand. If you don’t announce in a proper way who won the prize, your audience will believe that it wasn’t raffled or that it wasn’t delivered. Dedicate a post to communicate the winner of your giveaway or, in the case of Instagram, leave the name or certificate, in the stories highlights. You can title it “Giveaways” and place the announcement post and the photo of the result. This way there will be no doubts about the total procedure of your giveaway.
  • Study the social network where you will carry out the giveaway: It is important to know that not all social networks manage in the same way on different dates. You can ask your audience if they think doing a giveaway for Women’s Day is appropriate for them. Instagram and Facebook are the ones that best work with this type of promotions.

Do you already have enough ideas to create your Women’s Day Giveaway? I think you do!

If you follow all these tips, your giveaway will not go unnoticed, I guarantee it!

I want to design my Women's Day giveaway.Create Giveaway

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