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5 Winning Strategies for running the Perfect Valentine’s Day Giveaway

By Franca Beraldi · Feb 1, 2023

Ah! love, love! The most romantic day of the year is coming and from here we didn’t want to stop recommending you the best ideas for your Valentine’s Day Giveaways.

Can you feel it? Love is in the air! These 5 Valentine’s day giveaway ideas that we bring you from AppSorteos will make your customers surrender at your feet.

You will see that they are very easy to apply and require very little of your time to put them into practice. But let’s get to the first thing that may interest you:

Why should you do a Valentine’s Day giveaway?

Valentine’s Day is a date full of benefits when thinking about promotions for your brand. While giveaways reward participants with prizes, they also make it possible to promote your brand and your products or services.

In such a commercial and famous date around the world, it is important that you strengthen your marketing strategy and promote your brand by doing something simple but effective, a giveaway.

Some facts about Valentine’s Day sales:

  • Valentine’s Day is one of the marketing achievements to increase sales in February, after the holidays and year-end sales.
  • Valentine’s Day takes advantage of a particular behavior of people known as ritual. At this unique time, people experience the need to follow certain patterns and, on Valentine’s Day, the ritual is characterized by shopping, gifts to loved ones and celebrations. This is captured and exploited by stores and brands, in order to sell more.
  • Valentine’s Day never goes down. Statistics show an upward trend compared to previous years.
  • The majority of people surveyed (approximately 80%) said that they have a detail with their partner on Valentine’s Day (Meetic).
  • 32% of consumers choose to shop online for Valentine’s Day (National Retail Foundation).
  • Online advertising influences 58% of shoppers to buy products on Valentine’s Day.
  • 40% take advantage of promotions and discounts to buy gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a unique opportunity to promote your products or services, raise awareness of your brand and build loyalty among your audience. Take advantage of the opportunity by running a giveaway with our intuitive platform.

What can you do to make your customers fall in love?

Valentine's Day themed classic wheel.
The themed Classic Wheel is one of the options you have available for your Valentine’s giveaways.

In our app you have available different options to encourage your customers to participate and be part of your community this February 14th. Below are some giveaway ideas for you to adapt to your brand and style.

1) Make a prize wheel with a form

Valentine’s Day is an ideal opportunity to increase your subscriber list. Being a very commercial date, you will find many people willing to participate and win the prize. This will help you to tune up your subscriber list and plan a future email marketing strategy, investing very little time and money.

Create a prize wheel and ask participants to fill in the form with the data you are interested in to enter the giveaway.

2) Valentine’s Day Themed Random Wheel

If you prefer, you can create a classic wheel related to Valentine’s Day. Offer different prizes to your fans and do the giveaway in an Instagram live, for example, by spinning the wheel. It’s impressive the reach that this type of interactive promotions have with your audience, since they provide, in addition to the prize, the curiosity and fun proper of a game.

3) Giveaways on social media

Who has not seen a giveaway on social media announcing the arrival of February 14? The networks are faithful allies of this type of promotions and dates, since they allow reaching a wide audience at a very low cost.

Select in which social media is the audience you want to conquer and offer them to participate in a giveaway. You can do it on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter/X or TikTok. On our blog, you have a tutorial for each platform, so you can create your giveaways following a simple step by step.

4) Multi-network giveaway

Do you have your audience spread across different social media platforms? That’s not a problem! We know that each platform has its fans and that, many times, the people who follow you on Facebook are not the same as those who follow you on Twitter/X, for example.

Collect all the entries from the different social networks and organize a multi-network giveaway. You’ll get the winner in no time!

5) Hold a giveaway among the winners of a trivia game about your business

Trivia and giveaways are a perfect match! Want to hold a giveaway only among the people who know the most about your business? Done! Create questions that your most loyal customers can easily answer and give away the most appetizing prizes among them. If you don’t want to leave anyone out, offer a consolation prize for participation and win the hearts of your entire audience.

Create your Valentine's Day giveaway right now!Go to the giveaway

7 tips for a Valentine’s Day giveaway

  • Choose a prize related to your brand or, failing that, to the special date. We know that not all businesses sell items or services related to Valentine’s Day. So, if you have no way to relate your product to this special date, choose a prize related to your brand and use your imagination to give love a little twist.
  • Run a giveaway in collaboration with other brands. Partner with a business that has something in common with you. Maybe you share the same audience, values, or complementary items or services. This will give the giveaway more strength and expand your brand’s reach to people who don’t know you yet. A tip: study well the brand you want to partner with, to run less risk of negative and unexpected situations.
  • Encourage participants to use a certain #hashtag. Create original tags related to your brand. If you make it a condition that users use a specific branded hashtag, your giveaway will be easier to find for people who are looking for interesting posts with certain tags and who are not yet following you.
  • Combine prizes in your prize wheel. Our two types of wheels allow you to combine different types of prizes according to your possibilities. In the prize wheel, you can even configure the probability of each prize being selected.
  • Double the gifts or offer prizes in couples. Valentine’s Day is the star celebration of love, so if you can give your customers the chance to share that prize with someone (partner, friends or family), it will be better received by your audience, with the consequent higher and better participation.
  • Celebrate the love for your customers. A twist that you can give to this February 14, and so that everyone feels identified with this promotion, is to commemorate the love of your store or brand towards the customers. Do a giveaway among people who fulfill certain actions or make purchases of certain products. This is a way to reward customers for their actions and celebrate the love and gratitude you have for them.
  • Organize a campaign with influencers. You can agree with an influencer related to what you sell and reach a much wider audience. This type of campaign provides much more visibility, trust and increased sales of the services and products they recommend.

Well, I bet you already have a little more clarity on the upcoming scenario.

Now that you know how to set up your Valentine’s giveaway, let the love flow to your audience and come back in spades!

Create your Valentine's Day giveaway right now!Go to the giveaway

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