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How can I share my Promotions?

By Franca Beraldi · Jul 31, 2023

The process of creating these types of promotions involves a mix of design and strategy, all to get users to participate, be entertained, and engage with your business.

To help you align your promotions with your marketing strategy and brand identity, we offer many ways for you to design, configure and SHARE them.

How can I share my promotion?

To share your promotion you have many options available. We have recently added some that will simplify the process and allow you to reach more customers.

This is the easiest way. Just copy the link below and then paste it wherever you want.

Share your Prize Wheel link.
Share your Trivia or Wheel in the easiest way by clicking on the icons or by copying and pasting the link.

Share on Social Media

You can paste your promotion on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or send it by email by clicking on the corresponding icons. If you want to share it on another social network that is not specified here, copy the link and paste it directly.

Generate QR Code

The QR code is a great option for, for example, your physical store. Clicking on it will generate a unique code for your wheel or quiz. You can download it and make it available to your audience so they can participate.

Create and share your promotions to reach more peopleI want to create a promotion

Embed in a web page

Here you must follow these steps to embed the promotion in your website.

1. Install the code

Open the code of your website and embed this snippet in the body or head tag of your web page.

2. Embed your promotion

Choose how the promotion will be displayed on your website. You can also choose when users will see it. Always choose the one that best fits your digital marketing strategy.

Wheel embedding options.
Decide among the different embedding options how you want your promotion to be displayed.
  • Full Page: This is the default view that appears when you preview your promotion.
Full page wheel.
  • Slider: When you embed your wheel or trivia, it will appear on the side of your web page.
  • Popup: Embed your promotion as a popup to make it magically appear.
Popup wheel.

In the Slider and Popup options you can select when and to whom your promotion will be shown:

  • On page load: Every time your website page loads, your Wheel/Trivia will be displayed.
  • On exit intent: Your promotion will appear when the user tries to leave your website page.
  • After a set time: Select how long you want your promotion to be displayed.
  • After scrolling: When the user tries to scroll, your promotion will appear on the screen.
  • Custom button or link: Configure the button or link to design these aspects as you see fit.

You can also choose the appearance frequency of your promotion in the same user:

  • Show only once
  • Once per quarter
  • Once per month
  • Once per week
  • Once per day
  • Always

To show the Wheel or Quiz again to all users, click on “reset cookies”.

Don’t forget, once you have configured all these aspects, click on “Publish changes”.

And that’s all! Share your Promotions, reach many more people and boost your sales!

Create and share your promotions to reach more peopleI want to create a promotion

Franca Beraldi - Redactora de Contenidos SEO
Franca Beraldi

Franca is part of the AppSorteos marketing team. Her tasks include everything that is content-related in Spanish, English and Portuguese, including new blog posts, product demos and faqs.