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Now you can use Rafflys for Secret Santa!

By Franca Beraldi · Nov 24, 2023

We added a new app to our list that simplifies your secret santa gift exchange. Trust me, it’s a real blast!

Use it for Christmas, New Year’s, Friendship Day, Hanukkah or any celebration where you want to share gifts with the people you love.

What is Secret Santa?

Secret santa is a game used all over the world to share gifts with other people.

The goal is for every participant to give a gift to someone chosen randomly, while keeping their identity a secret. On the day of the gift exchange, everyone will try to guess who their gift-giver was.

By using Rafflys to organize a secret Santa gift exchange, you can guarantee that everyone gets a present and that the cost of gifts is reduced. Plus, it adds to the fun of your celebration!

What are the different Secret Santa options at Rafflys?

The usual way to play Secret Santa is to distribute pieces of paper containing participants’ names written on them. The most obvious drawback of this practice is its inconvenience, lack of transparency, and the possibility of choosing one’s own name. Moreover, everyone must be present during the raffle.

Rafflys offers a solution by automating the process in a random, immediate, and remote fashion, without any errors and at no cost.

Now, let’s explore how to communicate to whom each participant should give the gift.

Send invitations via WhatsApp

This is the simplest way to let every participant know whom they should give a gift to. Using WhatsApp for Secret Santa helps you:

  • Avoid confusion: since you will not have to handwrite each email separately.
  • Save time: WhatsApp opens with the link already prepared to send to the group or individual participants.
  • Reach most people: Nowadays, it is more common to use WhatsApp than email for personal communication, as nearly everyone has the app. By sending invitations through WhatsApp, you can ensure everyone receives them.
  • However, if you opt to send invitations via WhatsApp, you must trust the participants because one wrong click on someone’s name can ruin the giveaway and force you to repeat it.

Create your Secret Santa giveaway in minutes...I want to do it!

Communicate with participants via email

The traditional way to organize Secret Santa online requires ensuring all participants have an active email address and read the message. This option ensures added security by preventing participants from knowing the pairings of other players. The email only reveals the name of the person to be gifted, preventing any unwanted disclosures.

This feature lets you share the link for the secret Santa giveaway on any messaging app. With it you can:

  • Do the Secret Santa giveaway via Telegram.
  • Draw the secret santa by Discord or Slack.
  • Send the link for the secret Santa exchange to all participating contacts through the company’s professional email.

Basic instructions to create your Secret Santa

If you’re looking to set up your first Secret Santa giveaway quickly, here’s a guide to help you out.

1. Enter the participants’ names

Enter the names of participants in your Secret Santa gift exchange. We will notify you of any duplicate names to prevent confusion later. There is no limit to the number of participants.

Add the names of the participants.
Write down the names of all the participants of your Secret Santa giveaway.

2. Create the message

In the next step, as the organizer, please write the title of the celebration you are hosting and adapt or create a message to send to the participants. This is meant to address any questions regarding the amount to be spent, the date of the exchange, and the location.

Write a message for the Secret Santa participants.
Provide the title, the name of the organizer and the message for the rest of the participants.

3. Share the invitations

Once you’ve got all your stuff in order, you simply need to pick the best way to spread the word about your Secret Santa giveaway. You’ve listed all the options for sharing Secret Santa invitations above.

Ways to invite someone to participate in Secret Santa online.
Choose how to share the Secret Santa giveaway invitations.

Need more details on how to organize your Secret Santa? Check out our complete guide!

See how easy it is to organize your Secret Santa giveaway? Now that there are many celebrations coming up you have the opportunity to try this great tool and let us know what you think.

Go for it!

Create your Secret Santa giveaway in minutes...I want to do it!

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