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Promotions for your business event: Options & Recommendations for Success

By Franca Beraldi · Dec 27, 2023

Companies and businesses often organize events in November and December to bid farewell to the year with their employees or customers.

However, there are many other events throughout the year that your business can take part in, and what better way to do it than in a different and fun way!

Attract and keep customers with the options offered by Rafflys. Ensure that your business is memorable at events.

How can I organize promotions at an event?

While Christmas and New Year’s Eve are popular event dates, there are other opportunities for businesses to create promotions, strengthen customer relationships, and gain new brand fans.

This article provides the necessary information to create and configure promotions for maximum success. Learn how to draw attention to your brand with Rafflys.

Organize a giveaway for event attendees

Giveaways are a top strategy for attracting attendees. There are several options for drawing your company’s products or services and expanding your customer list.

  • Promote the giveaway on your business’s social networks. Let your customers know that they can participate by attending the event. On the appointed day, with the list of attendees of the event or your stand, create a giveaway of names and apply the filters you deem necessary.
  • If you are planning a private event with your business staff, simply copy the names from your database and import them into Rafflys to perform the name giveaway.
Random name picker.
The Random Name Picker enables you to choose one or more winners from a pre-selected list.
  • You can also assign numbers to people attending your event or, if it’s a dinner event, set the numbers at each place setting on the table and then conduct a random number draw.
Random number generator
Use the Random Number Generator to hold giveaways at your next event.
  • Another way to reward your customers is to run the typical giveaway on social networks and award prizes to the winners even if they are not present at the event. You can record a live video of this moment and publish it on your social media. In this way, you can share your celebration with all the people who accompany you but were not able to attend your event.
  • Create a giveaway on social networks and give some of your customers the opportunity to participate in your event. Give away tickets on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X/Twitter or YouTube and share the experience of being part of your company’s celebration.

Instagram post of raffle at design event
Like the Walter E. Smithe Furniture account, host an event at your store and give away discounts to those who attend.

Entertain event attendees with a Prize Wheel

The star of any event in the world has arrived! Online prize wheel is a halfway line goal. Why is that? Because it’s convenient to move around, because it’s a lot of fun for the participants, because it allows them to have a personal relationship with the organizing brand and because you can configure it to your size and needs. But let’s not forget that the main benefit of the wheel is to gather customer data for future marketing campaigns.

Here are some examples of prize wheels:

Example of an event wheel.
Create a prize wheel for an event in a few minutes. Try this wheel.
Summer party wheel
Wheels at events are a very inexpensive way to entertain and advertise. Try this wheel.

Set up a trivia quiz to test your participants’ knowledge

Don’t you think a trivia game is a unique and fun way to build customer loyalty? Imagine attendees at an event playing a game and measuring who knows more about your business. Or help you improve your strategy by giving their opinion on different topics related to your brand.

With Rafflys you can create different types of quizzes:

  • Questionnaires to ask your customers for their opinions.
Event Quiz
Get the answers you need from your customers and make your event more entertaining with a quiz with no right answers.
  • Quizzes to reward participation or the customer who knows the most about your business.
Event Quiz
Create a trivia quiz and organize a fan championship for your brand. Whoever knows the most wins the prize.

Create teams of participants and have a mega contest in the middle of the event. Or set up multiple quizzes and have a final winner – the possibilities are endless!

Tips for organizing an event promotion

If you are already organizing your event and planning to give gifts to attendees, follow these tips to ensure your promotion and your brand get the best results.

  • Spread the word. If you are at an event with other participating brands, let attendees know that you have a super fun way to give away prizes. If it’s an event just for your business, let everyone who attends know about your promotion or giveaway.
  • Design your promotion according to your brand. If you are running a giveaway, wheel or trivia game, add your business logo and colors. Now you can add your giveaway prizes, logo and colors that represent your brand, see below!
Social media giveaways.
New giveaway options.
  • Give away merchandising items, too: Your business can get free publicity when you give away items with your logo or brand name on them. If they are useful and novelty items, even better! Make a selection ahead of time based on what your customers or employees want.
  • Don’t forget to publish photos of the winners. If they are customers, post them on your social media and during the event so that the participants who have not yet taken part will feel more confident and eager to participate in the next promotion.

Now you know! Events are a unique opportunity to give back to your customers, thank the people who work in your business, promote your products and services, and sell more.

Create and manage your event promotions with Rafflys in the easiest, fastest and most transparent way.

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