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How to choose the prize for my Instagram Kids’ Day Giveaway

By Franca Beraldi · Aug 17, 2023

If we are going to talk about dates when business sales soar, Children’s Day is, without a doubt, among the first places. Along with Christmas, this day, celebrated all over the world, is crucial to sell toys and items for this time of life.

But would you believe me if I told you that this date is not only an opportunity for businesses that exclusively sell products or services for children? Most likely you won’t believe me, but in this article I’m going to show you what many brands are taking advantage of. And that is, selling more on every date they can.

Examples of Instagram giveaways on Children’s Day

Here you will see that you don’t need to have a toy store to celebrate this day. You just have to put a little creativity and follow the examples I show you below.

Do a Giveaway on Instagram for Children’s Day if you have a toy store (or sell products or services for infants)

In this very long title let’s go to the simplest. If your business is related to this line of activity, you won’t have to go to a lot of trouble to select your prize. However, you should choose it carefully. Maybe an item you want to promote, or something your audience wants, or a discount to use in your store.

Check out how Moonkee’s account did it with their Children’s Day Giveaway, where you have to follow simple rules to participate.

Post on Instagram of a giveaway for Children's Day.
Giveaway on Instagram for Children’s Day.

Do your Giveaway on Instagram to celebrate childhood.I want to do the giveaway!

Here I’m going to show you several examples of brands that don’t sell products or services for infants, but are present for their audience on this date.

Make your business part of your customer’s family

If you specialize in services or products for adults, hold a giveaway for the other members of the family. For example, the account of A Little Bird Company, which, without being a specific product for children, is present on this date for the families of its customers.

Post on Instagram of a giveaway for Children's Day.
You don’t need to have a business that specializes in infants to run a Giveaway for Kids’ Day on Instagram.

Run a giveaway for your customer’s inner child

This resource can help you sell any product or service on Children’s Day. That’s why including original ideas and looking for what your customers need or want, allows you to expand your sales opportunities.

Check out how the witchn.hairandbeauty account did, where the idea of giving something to your inner child applies perfectly, who doesn’t want that?

Giveaway on Instagram for Children's Day.
Run a Giveaway for Children’s Day and give something to your customers’ inner child.

Partner with another account that does specialize in children’s items.

This is another great option if you don’t sell specialized products for infants. You can organize a giveaway for Children’s Day with another account that does. Remember that it is important to follow some guidelines to partner with other businesses, such as having similar values, similar audiences and that the other account has credibility. This is very important and can determine the success or failure of your giveaway.

Here we have the example of the sum of 2 accounts to organize a giveaway for Children’s Day. Partner with an account specialized in children’s products and reach a wider audience.

Instagram post for a giveaway for Kids' Day.
Partner with an account specializing in children’s products and reach more people.

You don’t need to have a business specializing in kids to make the most of this day – don’t miss the opportunity to do a giveaway for Children’s Day!

Tips for choosing a cool prize

Finally, I leave you 4 tips to choose the right prize for this Children’s Day, regardless of the item that your business handles.

  • Relevance and Attractiveness: The prize must be relevant to your audience and attractive to motivate participation in the giveaway. In this case, the target audience is infants (and their parents or the family member who will participate in the giveaway). Look for a prize that is interesting, eye-catching or desirable to all of these people, but especially to children.
  • Perceivable Value: The prize should have a significant perceived value to the participants. It can be in terms of price, exclusivity or utility. It does not need to be expensive, the most important thing is that it is useful for a certain purpose, and that this purpose is associated with the values of your brand. Here it can be something to play, to learn, or to entertain, for example.
  • Originality and Exclusivity: Opt for unique or exclusive prizes that are not readily available elsewhere. This will generate greater interest and excitement among the children, as they will feel they are getting something special. It can be an item related to a current topic or attendance to a show. You can ask questions or get ideas on social media about current topics.
  • Brand or Topic Related: Consider offering a prize that is related to your products or services, if you sell something related to children. This can increase your brand visibility and create a stronger connection with participants.

Your creativity needs to get going now. With all these ideas to adapt your business to this day where sales explode, you have the kick start to make the most of it. Let’s go for it!

Do your Giveaway on Instagram to celebrate childhood.I want to do the giveaway!

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