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Key dates for your giveaways and promotions by type of business (with calendar)

By Franca Beraldi · Jul 5, 2023

How hard it is to organize yourself when you have so many tasks in your business! Selling, posting on your social networks, sending emails to your subscribers, having meetings with your company’s team (if you have one)… And so, between tasks, you miss the key dates to do what really matters: sell.

That’s why at Rafflys we want to make things a little easier for you. Today we bring you a calendar with important global dates that cannot be left out of your sales strategy. These dates are celebrated all over the world (or almost), they are the classic international dates, that is, you can use them no matter where you are reading this post from.

In addition, as this seemed to us little (enter sarcasm here), we have put specific categories for each type of business to this calendar, so you can choose the necessary complements according to what your business sells.

That said, I leave you with the material fresh from the oven, enjoy!

Global Holidays

Whatever your business, these dates are suitable for almost any industry. If you know your audience, select the holidays that will bring you closer to them and grow your brand.

  • 01/01: New Year’s Day
  • 01/21: International Hugging Day
  • 02/13: Galentine’s Day
  • 02/14: Valentine’s Day
  • From February 15 to 21: Anti-Valentine’s Week
  • 03/08: International Women’s Day
  • 03/17: Saint Patrick’s Day
  • 03/20: International Day of Happiness
  • 04/01: April Fool’s Day
  • April 5-13: Passover (exact dates change from year to year)
  • 04/09: Easter (the exact date changes from year to year)
  • 04/10: National Siblings Day
  • 04/13: International Kissing Day
  • 04/22: International Mother Earth Day
  • 05/13: World Cocktail Day
  • 06/01: Global Day of Parents
  • 06/05: World Environment Day
  • 06/28: International LGBT+ Pride Day
  • 07/26: National Aunts and Uncles Day 
  • 07/30: International Day of Friendship
  • 10/31: Halloween
  • 11/11: Singles Day
  • 11/20: Universal Children’s Day
  • 11/24: Black Friday (exact date changes from year to year)
  • 11/27: Cyber ​​Monday (exact date changes from year to year)
  • December 7-15: Hanukkah (exact dates change from year to year)
  • 12/25: Christmas

Take advantage of these special dates and design your sales strategy!I want to create my promotion!

Food, bars, restaurants

Every month, and even many times during the week, something related to food is celebrated. If the date matches the type of food or beverage your business sells, take advantage of it to increase your sales with a promotion.

  • 01/16: International Spicy Food Day
  • 01/19: Popcorn Day
  • 01/27: World Chocolate Cake Day
  • 02/09: World Pizza Day
  • 03/25: International Waffle Day
  • First Saturday in May: International Day of the Craft Brewer
  • 05/21: International Tea Day
  • 05/28: International Hamburger Day
  • 06/04: National Cheese Day
  • 06/12: International Falafel Day
  • 06/18: International Sushi Day
  • 06/18: International Picnic Day
  • 07/01: International Chicken Wing Day
  • 07/07: World Chocolate Day 
  • 07/13: National French Fry Day
  • 07/29: World Lasagna Day
  • First Friday of August: International Beer Day
  • 08/16: National Rum Day
  • 08/28: National Red Wine Day
  • 09/13: International Chocolate Day
  • Third Thursday in May: National Aperitif Day
  • 01/10: International Coffee Day
  • 10/01: International Vegetarianism Day
  • 10/11: World Dulce de Leche Day
  • 10/16: World Bread Day
  • 10/25: World Pasta Day
  • 10/31: International Rice Day
  • 11/01: World Vegan Day
  • 03/11: World Sandwich Day

Entertainment and sports

In this super fun category, you can make a difference with your competence if you make a promotion on these special dates.

  • 01/13: National Sticker Day
  • Third Sunday of January: World Snow Day
  • 01/28: International Lego Day
  • 01/29: World Puzzle Day
  • Second Saturday in February: Global Movie Day
  • 02/13: World Radio Day
  • 03/09: International DJ Day
  • 03/27: World Theater Day
  • 04/06: International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
  • 04/15: World Art Day
  • 04/23: World Book Day
  • 04/29: International Dance Day
  • 04/30: International Jazz Day
  • 06/03: World Bicycle Day
  • First Wednesday of June: Global Running Day
  • Third Saturday of June: International Surfing Day
  • 06/21: International Yoga Day
  • 06/30: Social Networks Day
  • 06/21: National Selfie Day 
  • 07/13: World Rock Day
  • 07/17: World Emoji Day
  • 07/08: National Video Game Day
  • 08/19: World Photography Day
  • 10/01: International Music Day
  • First Saturday of October: Bookshop Day
  • 11/11: National Metal Day
  • 11/21: World Television Day
  • 12/15: World Otaku Day


If your company sells pet supplies, if you have a dog daycare, or a veterinary clinic; in this calendar you will find many special days to make a promotion for your customers.

  • 01/14: National Dress Up Your Pet Day
  • 02/01: World Greyhound Day
  • 03/23: National Puppy Day
  • 04/11: National Pet Day
  • 07/31: National Mutt Day
  • 08/08: International Cat Day
  • 08/26: International Dog Day
  • 10/04: World Animal Day

Fashion, beauty and health

This is a classic when it comes to giveaways and promotions, take advantage of all these special days to sell your products and services!

  • 03/06: National Dress Day
  • 07/05: World Bikini Day
  • 07/17: National Tattoo Day
  • 08/15: World Relaxation Day
  • First Saturday of September: World Beard Day
  • 09/09: International Beauty Day

Travel and tourism

How cool it is to travel, and even more if the trip comes as a reward for participating and winning in a giveaway! Let your most loyal customers get that vacation in a promotion held on one of these dates.

  • 09/27: World Tourism Day
  • Second Sunday of November: Wine Tourism Day

We know that lists may not be the easiest way to get the whole picture. Here I share with you the calendar in Google Calendar so you can add it to your marketing strategy. Make sure you have a Google account to be able to access the calendar.

Also, we have created different calendars depending on the country where you live or work. You can find them in the following post, where we share the specific calendars for United States, India, Canada, Indonesia and UK.

What a resource, isn’t it? We hope you find it useful, and if you think you need to add something, we are all ears!

Take advantage of these special dates and design your sales strategy!I want to create my promotion!

Franca Beraldi - Redactora de Contenidos SEO
Franca Beraldi

Franca is part of the AppSorteos marketing team. Her tasks include everything that is content-related in Spanish, English and Portuguese, including new blog posts, product demos and faqs.