How to FILTER my Instagram Giveaways’ comments?

You’ve most definitely seen that Instagram Contests usually have certain requirements for participating. We’ll walk you through how to apply filters to check if the winner actually meets all your requirements.

Why should I apply filters?

If those participating in your Giveaways are fully interested in winning the prize, they will do whatever they can do meet all the requirements needed, which gives your contest and even the prize a much higher value and importance. That’s why you should take into account the value of what’s being given away, which makes applying filters even more important.

Which type of filters can I apply?

On AppSorteos you can apply several different filters according to the requirements you’ve established for your giveaway. You can apply all the filters, just a few or even none of them, it’s up to you!

1. Filtering Duplicates

This filter should be applied when you want all participants to have the same chance of winning without taking into account the number of times they comment on your post. This means that if a participant comments several times, they’ll still have just one chance of winning.

2. Number of Mentions

This filter should be applied when you ask those participating in your giveaway to tag their friends or Instagram contacts. You can set the number of tags required and make sure the winner fulfills this condition.

3. Filtering by #Hashtag

You should apply this filter when one of your contest’s conditions is to type a #hashtag on the comment section.

4. Filtering by @Tags

This filter is useful when you ask those taking part in your contest to @Tag a specific account. You can automatically dismiss all participants that don’t meet this requirement.

Filtering Limitations

Sharing your Giveaway on STORIES: This is for giveaways that require those participating to share something on their Stories for a higher chance of winning. Since AppSorteos (or any other similar App) cannot access other people’s Stories IT’S NOT POSSIBLE to check if anything was actually shared. This is just a way of promoting your giveaway to the friends and contacts of those participating. It doesn’t actually increase their chances of winning.

"Like" a Post: If you require your participants to like a particular post, you won’t be able to filter them by this criteria to either dismiss or accept them. This means that AppSorteos is not able to verify if this requirement was fulfilled. Once you have a winner, you can manually check if they’ve met the requirement, and if they haven’t you can choose another winner.

Following a certain Account: This is very similar to the “like a post” limitation. We cannot check if this requirement was fulfilled, so you have to manually check it once you have a winner.