What are the benefits for your brand of doing giveaways on social media?

Giveaways on social media have become a basic marketing tool to grow your business. Discover in this article what are the benefits of this type of promotion and how to reach thousands of people with a few simple clicks.

What are the benefits for your brand of doing giveaways on social media?

Benefits of doing giveaways on social networks

There are many and varied benefits that you can get by doing an online giveaway in your social networks, here we explain one by one:

1) Increase visits to your e-commerce and get new customers

This benefit is the one that surely comes to mind first when we talk about the advantages of doing a giveaway on your social networks. And that's because everyone wants to see their business and sales grow. A very easy, fast and cost-effective way to get your brand noticed, increase page views and get new customers is by doing giveaways. This is because you offer something for free, in a disinterested way to the people who look at your post, to your followers or to your subscribers.

2) Improve your brand image

What better for the image of your brand than to do a free giveaway giving each participant the same chance of winning depending on the degree of participation in the giveaway? Of course, these actions run rapidly through the network and will surely reach many people by being, for example, tagged by your customers. Giving a service or a product with the giveaway format generates a very positive image for your brand and this is something that you should definitely take advantage of.

3) Diversify and expand the range of potential clients

If you want to expand and diversify your client list and get your proposal to other people, you should seriously consider running a giveaway on your social networks. The reach of these types of publications is incredible. This is increased if you request that other people be tagged as a condition of entering the drawing.

4) Promote the product you want

If your goal is to promote a new product or some item that you want to give more outlet or visibility, run a giveaway and promote your product in the same publication.

5) Generate more traffic to your page by creating more visibility for your brand.

When you organize giveaways on your social networks, you increase your audience, the number of followers and you place your brand among the first positions of the service you offer or the product you sell. If your idea is to generate more traffic you should offer clear and simple guidelines for your draw, so more people will participate and enter your page.

6) Know your target audience and get a reliable and updated database.

When you want to get more than just an increase in traffic or visits to your page, you can run drawings with forms to find out which audience you are working with, what their preferences and demands are. This information is invaluable if you want to build customer loyalty or expand your brand to new groups. For this, try to ask for the information that you will actually use later. This is because sometimes it is cumbersome for your customers to fill out forms and for you to analyze and store data that will not be useful later.

In which social networks can I do my giveaways with AppSorteos?

From AppSorteos we offer you many options so that you can choose to make the giveaway on the social network that best suits your brand.

You can run draws in any of your favorite social networks:

How do I do the giveaways on social media?

Here are a few simple tips to make your giveaway perfect and take advantage of all its benefits:

  1. Define the objective to achieve: Decide if your goal is to reach new potential customers, to know your audience or to promote a particular product or service. Once you know this, implement the specific strategy for that objective.
  2. Choose the prize: This may sound obvious, but you should consider what you want to promote and whether you have the means to give the winner what you have promoted.
  3. Choose the right platform or social network for your target or brand.
  4. Clearly define the rules for participating: Clarify if it is a giveaway with #hashtags, if it is with @mentions, if it is with tags or if it is by sharing a certain publication. Specify the date and time when the drawing will take place.
  5. Carry out the giveaway according to the conditions set out in the point above. AppSorteos offers you certificates that guarantee the transparency of the draw.
  6. Communicate to your audience (and especially the winner) about the results of the giveaway.
  7. Use the giveaway results to make your own assessment based on the objective you set in the first place. This will allow you to improve the design and scope in future giveaways.

Now that you know the benefits for your brand of doing draws on your social networks, you have no more excuses to boost your brand and increase the number of sales.

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