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En quoi pouvons-nous vous aider?

All our applications have a free option, which allows you to try AppSorteos with the limitations indicated in the free plan. If you opt for a paid plan, you get access to premium features of our application. If you wish, you can check what you get from AppSorteos in its free option and in our recommended, Premium options.

Yes, you can add filters to force participants to comply with certain conditions, such as minimum @mentions, #hashtags, or filter duplicate users. We leave you a link with all the information about the filters.

Of course you can! When the draw is based on multiple Instagram posts, it's called a Multi-Posts Giveaway, and you have it available on all of our subscription plans.

No. We can't access the Stories of all contest entrants to verify if they've shared your post. You will have to verify it yourself when running the contest and get the winners.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to download a list with the participants of the drawing. This feature will soon be added to the app, stay alert for updates!

No, we do not have one-time payments for giveaways or promotions. You can subscribe to a Plan and cancel the renewal anytime, no conditions. The plan will be active until the end of the period and no new charges will be generated. You can view the status of your subscription from the "Billing" section.

Of course you can! In AppSorteos we offer you two types of subscriptions for all our plans, monthly and annual subscriptions. If you subscribe on an annual basis, you get a promotional price with a discount equivalent to 2 months. Yes! You use AppSorteos all year long but you pay only 10 months.

If you do not want your AppSorteos subscription to be renewed at the end of its current period, you can cancel it by accessing your account, in the billing section, at no cost.

If you realize that you need more features than your current plan offers, you can upgrade to a higher plan directly from the billing section of your account.

We do not offer a free trial. If you want to check the performance of our application, you can do it from our free plan, which will allow you to get to know part of what AppSorteos has to offer.

If you subscribe to one of our plans, you will be able to run unlimited giveaways, contests and promotions, within the terms of your plan, at no additional cost.

It is important to us that you have a track record of all your payments, so you can download your payment voucher from the billing section of your account. There you will find information about your current plan, payments and invoices.

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