Giveaways Certificated by AppSorteos

The draw will be managed through the APP-SORTEOS.COM platform. APP-SORTEOS.COM is the leading platform for conducting draws on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and raffles from a list.

Winners and alternates will be obtained randomly through the procedure described in clause 13 of the terms and conditions of APP-SORTEOS.COM.

Once all the winners and substitutes have been obtained through this random selection procedure, APP-SORTEOS.COM will proceed to save this information and the lottery organizer will no longer be able to repeat the process of selecting winners and / or substitutes.

After the draw, APP-SORTEOS.COM will issue a Certificate of Validity, which includes the total number of finalists, the internal reference of the draw on APP-SORTEOS.COM, the date and time of the draw, and the list of winners and substitutes obtained. The Certificate has a unique internet address and is publicly accessible. This Certificate is hosted on APP-SORTEOS.COM and the raffle organizer has no possibility of being able to modify or delete it. Any substitution made between winners and substitutes, and the reason for the substitution, will be reflected in the Certificate of Validity of the draw.

In the event that the organizer does not publish the Certificate of Validity, a participating user may claim said Certificate from the organizer, who must provide the public Internet address of the draw.

The raffle is not sponsored, endorsed, managed or associated in any way to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.